Tattoo Artist Bang Bang Answers Tattoo Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED



  • Dries Ignoul
    Dries Ignoul 4 months ago+1452

    it's cool to see a tattoo artist just be chill about questions instead of "no, no questions, I'm not revealing the craft, you're destroying my livelihood"
    like I heard a guy in a local shop got punched in the face just for looking over the counter.

  • Dragoneel Keneko
    Dragoneel Keneko 4 months ago+3710

    bang bang: "practice drawing with something vibrating"
    me, duct taping my pencil to a vibrator: "ok im ready"

  • Kiana Cameron
    Kiana Cameron 4 months ago+1919

    this man had the balls to say no to Rihanna

  • Himchanchannie
    Himchanchannie 4 months ago+1586

    He gives me this Chris Evans / Channing Tatum vibe

  • Z-Dog Zeko
    Z-Dog Zeko 4 months ago+935

    I just wanna say 'send food' is infinitely better than 'son of god'

  • Johanne Burkhardt
    Johanne Burkhardt 4 months ago+1729

    I love how wired always has experts on with really nice personalities

  • Loog Noog
    Loog Noog 4 months ago+933

    I love how he doesn't just tell but also shows

  • Owl Nuggets
    Owl Nuggets 4 months ago+746

    I like this guy, never knew of him before. He's so well spoken and respectful, not that other artists aren't.... but he is especially so.

  • Danny Wood
    Danny Wood 5 months ago+430

    It's nice to hear a guy talk about tattoos who isn't a total douche bag

  • Woodshadow
    Woodshadow 5 months ago+644

    I am pretty sure I could walk into 20 tattoo shops and ask them to do a mock-up in photoshop and they would laugh me out of the shop. I want him to tattoo me

  • Swazie_Baby507
    Swazie_Baby507 4 months ago+500

    He is very very professional I respect that

  • Dixon
    Dixon 4 months ago+302

    That skull rose rainbow was actually sick 😂

  • FranklyBatman
    FranklyBatman 4 months ago+713

    I really like the way he explain the stuff.

  • Arctic Wolf
    Arctic Wolf 5 months ago+634

    Love his personality

  • Tristan Mitchell
    Tristan Mitchell 4 months ago+427

    I don't have any tattoos, but a couple people I used to know do. Biggest thing they always said, is don't go to an artist with blank skin. This is played out by what Bang Bang was saying, with practicing on fruits, on pig skin, and on the artist's own skin.

  • velo
    velo 4 months ago+444

    Mans really picked the name Bang Bang and stuck with it. Great vid nevertheless

  • Floris Klaver
    Floris Klaver 4 months ago+350

    He's talking about Cheryl Cole with the giant rose tattoo.

  • Monique
    Monique 3 months ago+109

    love how he interpreted that skull/rose/rainbow tat. he managed to assemble a bunch of tired cliches into something fresh and interesting to look at. very impressive. we love creativity

  • stefan goatmoon
    stefan goatmoon 4 months ago+148

    i knew a black dude who was fully tattooed in white ink/ tbh it looks awesome AF

  • Kevin McFarland
    Kevin McFarland 4 months ago+548

    Ok but why is that guy shirtless when he's getting a forearm tattoo?