We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)

  • Published on:  4/13/2019
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  • Frankie Plancarte 2 months ago

    This is how many people know its fake.👇

  • gips army yesterday

    Ok I say that we boycott her videos u. Sub if you have and stop watching these pieces of garbage.

  • Ryan Ingram yesterday

    Frankie Plancarte I googled this place. It’s for fake weddings

  • Olivia Love 1 months ago

    Child: "Mommy, can you help me with my homework?"Dani: "Yeah, right after I finish mine."

  • Courtney Bowe 2 days ago

    Baby wanjos ??

  • Baby wanjos 2 days ago


  • M. Simon 1 months ago

    Guys, can you stop leaving hate commentsI'm tired of liking them all

  • Po’tae’to :D 12 hours ago

    @CoolCat _ Gacha music youre mad because a minor wants to act like a slut? Theres freakn pedos out there

  • CoolCat _ Gacha music 12 hours ago

    Leave the dang channel Then. I'm tired Of people hating her Just Because of the way she is.

  • Reighlyn Beckworth 1 months ago

    Dani's mom: how fake do you want this to be? Dani: yes

  • CapitalsFan24 1 months ago

    Suddenly, I don't hate JoJo Siwa so much...

  • Shy_Editz 17 hours ago

    Honestly I would rather watch jojo’s videos

  • Laura Rivera 23 hours ago


  • Haniya Kiani 1 months ago

    *This made me realise that I should love Jojo Siwa*

  • løvely x 22 days ago


  • mia lol 12 days ago

    marriage? FakeVirginity? Lost Wig? FlownHorses? In the backHotel? Trivago

  • Olivia Paul yesterday

    That is the best comment that anyone could comment ever!!

  • Ariana 1 months ago

    Normal people : I GAINED A LOT OF WEIGHTDani: I'M PREGNANT

  • Itz_ DarkPhøénïx 1 months ago

    She did that because she didn't want admit she fat

  • Jazz the Coolest 1 months ago

    *Jojo Siwa, you’re greatly appreciated...*

  • manci lang 2 months ago

    *me in kindergarden everyday, forcing my crush to play wedding with me*

  • Livi Kramz 6 hours ago

    Haha I was the flower girl every freakin time

  • PinkBubblegumWeirdo 21 days ago

    Ok, you made me spill my soda 😂😂😂