We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)

  • Published on:  4/13/2019
  • The Day i Committed To My Bestfriend!!


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  • manci lang (Apr 13, 2019)

    *me in kindergarden everyday, forcing my crush to play wedding with me*

  • Emily Yolo (16 hours ago)

    manci lang LOL

  • Kyla Ramsey (21 hours ago)

    manci lang lmao

  • blueclouds (3 days ago)

    next weeks videowe divorced......(NOT CLICKBAIT)

  • Emily Yolo (16 hours ago)

    blueclouds lol

  • Slime Peoplzzz (1 day ago)


  • Xanthia Windsor (3 days ago)

    She deleted the pregnancy video guys ...

  • Zora's palace (1 day ago)

    Xanthia Windsor yep because she know she was gonna get hated on and it’s FAKE LIES

  • Xanthia Windsor (2 days ago)

    Emily T dw it was just a baby shower and a explanation at the end where she contradicts herself and looks like a complete after thought

  • Inessseuu Ytb (3 days ago)

    Dani at 15 years got pregnant and marriedMe at 15 years:watch Jessie , Austin and ally , Zack and cody

  • Helen90 Ev. (1 hour ago)

    same girl...same...

  • Sophia Jackson (7 hours ago)

    Bruh why is elvis there preacher

  • oof (3 days ago)

    *9 ads in a 13 minute video...*

  • Roselia Flores (Apr 13, 2019)

    This is how many people think it a prank👇🙄😑

  • Wooga Hanyu (13 minutes ago)

    +riponrangpur she is not 12🤦🏼‍♀️she is 15

  • riponrangpur (16 hours ago)

    She’s literally 12.its obviously a prank

  • Olivia Machado (3 days ago)

    She needs a Hispanic mom in her life

  • Ruby Aslam (2 minutes ago)

    Asian or Arabic mom would be even better for her😂

  • Madalyn Wood (1 hour ago)


  • danielle depa (3 days ago)

    lmaoooo she deleted the prank pregnancy video

  • Rachel Myatt (6 hours ago)

    she hasn't I just watched it

  • KT Glitter Time (15 hours ago)

    lavenganzaesdulce.com; “Her shit videos”....PREEEEACH hahaha

  • Isobel Flintoft (3 days ago)

    Boyfriend: How fake you want this? Dani: VERY!

  • Luna Forever (15 hours ago)

    Isobel Flintoft Boyfriend: How fake you want this? Dani: YES!

  • Hannah Nicolas (3 days ago)

    *my question is why is Danielle’s Mom fine with this when she is her manager and she said not to joke about teen pregnancy And she had a teen pregnancy...what?!*

  • Bella Hymans (3 hours ago)

    Hannah Nicolas chill tf out have any of you ever heard of the pregnancy prank? No one complains about any other prank they are all the same Bc you’re still lying and “it’s offensive” it’s 2019 everything you say is offensive you say you have brown hair and someone’s offended it’s her video and has nothing to do with the people who can’t have kids

  • Laynie Grace (19 hours ago)

    Hannah Nicolas probably bc she knows how tough it is🤷🏽‍♀️but tbh the apple doesn’t fall far from the damn tree🍎