The Viper that got me kicked out of my small town

  • Published on:  9/11/2018
  • Casey (@caseyputsch) dreamt of owning a Viper but once he got it, the other residents of his small town did not take kindly to his driving habits. He left town and hasn't looked back but this Dodge Viper's story was not over.

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  • Alex Lawson
    Alex Lawson an hour ago

    Powerman 5000 speed metal. lmaooo

  • Salleh Kamil
    Salleh Kamil yesterday+1

    my dream car.

  • Matt Kalcic
    Matt Kalcic yesterday

    OMG I live right next to Nelson Ledges and Akron OH. I can't believe he said that lol.

  • Nate McElroy
    Nate McElroy 2 days ago

    Holy shit, nelson's ledges in akron Ohio. I'm a matter of mins from there in a podunk ass lil town lol #shoutout

  • FunkoPope Fun1976
    FunkoPope Fun1976 2 days ago+1

    Sawmill Rd. I live in Columbus, OH

  • MrMerk1991
    MrMerk1991 3 days ago+3

    Fun fact: Viper radio was same in the dodge caravan

  • maverick buckley
    maverick buckley 3 days ago+1

    Car guy problem:
    ALWAYS being the one at fault in an accident. Even when you're not, all oncomers think you are.

  • Peter Agurkis
    Peter Agurkis 4 days ago+1

    Everyone on this channel is such a good story teller

  • Aaron Arbour
    Aaron Arbour 5 days ago+2

    Columbus, OH represent! I drive a chevy cobalt woohooo.

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan 5 days ago

    I relate to his connection with the car. Great story man.

  • Chase Cameron
    Chase Cameron 6 days ago+1

    I live right near there

  • cornercracker30
    cornercracker30 8 days ago+1

    Loved hearing about this Viper. Good car, great happy ending.

  • NamelessNinja
    NamelessNinja 8 days ago+1

    Great story.

  • Fred Smith
    Fred Smith 8 days ago

    I grew up right by nlrc... Used to corner station work at this racetrack,lol. Small world guys! They used to have police driving school there for officers that got pulled for whatever reason from road duty! Or so the story went. A hardened man named John McGill owned the racetrack. I have tons and tons of stories from that place.

  • cokesucks
    cokesucks 9 days ago+1

    I knew a dude who owned a GTS. He lost the car in a subdivision and took out a few mailboxes, sold it shortly after he priced a new hood for it.

  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis 9 days ago

    this guy looks like he would say get a real car to a supra

  • Bad Guys
    Bad Guys 10 days ago+1

    @VINwiki What steps were taken to own a Viper and Ferrari in your 20's?

  • Instagram Diamondrolls

    Glad you are ok

  • Alexander Begay
    Alexander Begay 10 days ago+2

    The best car story ive herd in a while

  • YeahRight
    YeahRight 11 days ago+1

    Looks like a supra