Katt Williams Wants The Smoke, Goes In on Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart and Others on V-103

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
  • Hours ago on V-103’s Frank and Wanda In The Morning, Emmy-winning actor/comedian Katt Williams lit up the airwaves, sharing nuclear-hot takes on some of today’s top comedians, including Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Jerrod Carmichael and Hannibal Buress. Watch as Williams calls some ugly, questions others’ talents, and suggests that race and colorism play roles in who Hollywood hires and why. Subscribe to stay updated on the latest from V-103 Atlanta! SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/v103V-103: http://www.V-103.comTWITTER: https://twitter.com/V103AtlantaFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/V103AtlantaINSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/V103AtlantaVideo Shot & Edited by Charles Johnson (@myfriendcharley)


  • V-103 Atlanta 9 months ago

    Start @ 1:55 for Katt Williams' Response!

  • Yonnie Johnson 1 months ago

    Wanda brought that roast on herself. When at the 10:02 mark. When she threw shade at Katt Williams. Saying that this brother will sell out. She knew what Katt Williams stood for. And, she tried to attack him. And, that's when she initiated the attack. She was jealous and envious of Katt Williams professionalism and independence. After she said that. He decided to roast her.

  • Trae Evans 1 months ago

    I had to come back after Tiffany Haddish cooning azz brought Fried chicken to the Met Gala

  • Larose Murphy 5 months ago

    Who is back for more in 2019🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nathan Davis 3 days ago

    Why does everyone have to say what year they watch a video? Clearly the video isn't up for just 1 year lol

  • capping aint easy 8 days ago


  • Itsgoddabemyswag 3 months ago

    I come here once a week for spiritual guidance

  • ChocolateQueen 21 hours ago

    LMAO 😂😂😂😂

  • ANGEL VELAZQUEZ 8 days ago

    Itsgoddabemyswag 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😂

  • Nichole Israel 3 months ago

    She played herself when she said broccoli tho

  • Paige A Moore 7 hours ago

    She could’ve said broccoli casserole 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • lexbogie1 4 days ago

    Cero Z you sound stupid your dad hasn’t had real souls good then

  • Diavian Nashae 1 months ago

    People dragged Katt Williams for saying Tiffany Hadish wasn’t funny and here she go passing out chicken from her purse

  • Steevy Horton an hour ago

    Is it tiffanys fault she passed all of those other black female comedians? Was she supposed to turn it down ? I dont understand the hate.

  • Steevy Horton an hour ago

    Katts much more funnier than tiffany and kevin and hes also muchmore of a hater also .

  • Now she showed up to the Met Gala with a bag of fried chicken and named her outfit Pimperella.. Katt Williams hit the nail on the head with this one

  • Gerald N 3 days ago

    Nahhh. Trying to be ironic or ....... da phuccc

  • Imiko 1 months ago

    Katt with another W

  • Dustin J. Kemp 9 months ago

    Katt BOILED Wanda in that same water she does that really nice broccoli in...

  • M O an hour ago

    Dustin J. Kemp bahahahahahahahaha

  • Joe Cameron 3 days ago

    Did yall see the way he looked @ red when she said i make a mean broccoli. Like did u hear this chick. I'm bout to get her.. classic.

  • DominiQue White 3 months ago

    The way he says "knock it off" 😂😂😂

  • ColdChillin20 24 days ago

    DominiQue White NO NO NO jail and prison aren’t the same thing lol

  • Derese Perkins-Lucien 1 months ago

    And goofball! 😂😂🤣

  • RoyalOutcast 2 months ago

    I admire how unapologetically arrogant and confident Katt Williams is😅💯 will always be my favorite comedian.

  • Lesha Roundtree 8 days ago

    He is so freaking funny!

  • cm. CG 9 days ago

    Bru - uh the system bringing you down

  • Victorias Secretions 3 months ago

    Wandas feelings were hurt ever since katt called her a poor interviewer LMAO downhill from there

  • Tanisha Robinson 6 days ago

    N strong black woman

  • Jose Navarrete 8 days ago

    @SpiderLoco97 ECC shut yo feminist ass up “Spicing” whata hell is that tighten up your bra