A Tour Of My Plants



  • Melisa S (Mar 16, 2019)

    Jenna: “im a beginner”Also jenna: *this is my hoya compacta verigada plant and i keep it in a ceramic pot and put it in the north side so it gets good sunlight and i check the humidity of the room every day and i have a thing I bought to check if they need water-*If you’re a beginner... whats a pro

  • personastv (2 days ago)

    she's a virgo

  • Chloe Nicole (Apr 14, 2019)

    Not problematic, minds her own business, wholesome, inclusive, caring for everything omfg this is the ideal human

  • buzbee (8 hours ago)

    It's the Virgo way

  • Madeline Smith (2 days ago)

    Chloe Nicole flashback to when she made a whole ass apology video for her goldfish dying

  • Tayla Edwards (Apr 19, 2019)

    "in about thirty years he'll be a full plant"my brain: *music plays* 62 year old ladyyyy

  • Indigo Bunting (May 7, 2019)

    Tayla Edwards oh my god my exact thoughts at that time

  • Delete Child (Apr 14, 2019)

    This video started an addiction. I've bought 22 houseplants since it went up. Thank you, Jenna.

  • HiSiStErS (8 hours ago)


  • MysStarry (1 day ago)

    same holy shit i just came back home today with seven new plantsdoing research on more plants so i can get more

  • bethy uwu (Apr 12, 2019)

    most youtubers now: CRAZY STORY GONE WRONG? I HAD A BREAKDOWN? jenna: lol heres my plants

  • Amanda Robbins (May 2, 2019)

    bethy uwu this legit made me laugh. I love Jenna. She's always been so genuine and true to herself.

  • shortyfry85 (Apr 30, 2019)

    Literally the difference between most people's 20's and 30's.

  • Honey Fandoms (Mar 13, 2019)

    I can’t believe julien was that quiet during a nearly 30 minute video

  • Kiara Kaee (Apr 17, 2019)

    I think it was a respect thing. Jenna loves her plants and obviously takes them very seriously. So since it was a claim and serious video(serious for jennas channel lol) he wanted to keep things more toned down and respectful for it.. it was also the claim before the aries season storm lol

  • Meep Morp (Apr 23, 2019)

    Jenna: I'm a beginnerAlso Jenna: Names every single plant in their house and tells how to take care of them

  • Gillian Feeney (3 days ago)

    Also in depth knowledge of terra cotta pot controversy

  • Christie Palm tree (May 6, 2019)

    Each of 60+ different plants lol

  • SuperKingson12 (Apr 23, 2019)

    This kind of felt like Vogue 73 questions, but with just plants

  • Mari Ppp (May 11, 2019)

    Yeah just way less awkward :D

  • Emily Mohr (May 1, 2019)

    ooh damn girl you lookin like you’re on your way to a step grandparents barbecue

  • delphi draws (Apr 12, 2019)

    if someone was sick, then walked into jenna’s house they would be cured instantly

  • Dean Briar (5 days ago)

    Kierha Megan yep:D

  • Hope K (May 6, 2019)

    Depression cured right away just such a happy environment