Queer Guy Chooses A Blind Date Based On Their Texts

  • Published on:  6/22/2019
  • Ryann must choose to date either Elliott, Dean, or Travell based only on their texts. Can they find love through emoji?


  • Helmi
    Helmi 2 months ago+534

    elliot's cute nervous giggles made my day

  • Natalie
    Natalie 2 months ago+491

    it makes me feel better that ryan hasn’t dated anyone either🙂.....😬

  • Fallacious Jinx
    Fallacious Jinx 2 months ago+360

    Round 1: Ryann is gushing over Dean non stop and eliminates him first???

  • Good Morning
    Good Morning 2 months ago+259

    Either Etsy’s changed or he is very confused

  • Dean Lin
    Dean Lin 2 months ago+256

    Omg this is actually up... hi y’all @deanwlin if u wanna see more obnoxiousness from me on insta 😂

  • Tony Correa
    Tony Correa 2 months ago+356

    WoW He hAs a gReAt aNkLe

  • Jam Brownies
    Jam Brownies 2 months ago+286

    Let me guess... Travell really likes to travel

  • Rosalinda Castillo
    Rosalinda Castillo 2 months ago+135

    I really like Elliot 😍 I feel like if Ryann dated travell it would be like dating himself 🤣

  • Patricius
    Patricius 1 months ago+51

    If video games to you is a deal breaker but drugs ain't...girl, BYE!

  • Mel Marshmellow aka Suga's Fresh Salad

    I loved Elliot the most and I'm so glad he won!!!

  • Brigette Gross
    Brigette Gross 2 months ago+57

    would love an update on everyone from these! Did they go on a date? how did it go? etc?

  • Mo Bo
    Mo Bo 2 months ago+38

    We all need an Elliot in our lives 😕 Good looking, well dressed and super sweet 😭💗

  • Ethan T
    Ethan T 2 months ago+80

    Elliott could like... get it

  • Sketchbook
    Sketchbook 2 months ago+56

    I dont know why it is fun watching other people date/text, probably because it is like watching a sitcom.

  • Diya Parikh
    Diya Parikh 2 months ago+77

    Honestly had a great time watching this😂😂😂

  • Angelica O
    Angelica O 2 months ago+63

    Omg I'd love to date an accountant 😂😂yass make my life easier pleeease

  • Young Chivvboy
    Young Chivvboy 2 months ago+71

    This is a good concept :)

  • lightdayys
    lightdayys 2 months ago+85

    we love elliot

  • The Kaylara
    The Kaylara 2 months ago+21

    Can Gadiel del orbe do one of these?

  • really regular
    really regular 1 months ago+9

    "hello Ryan this is my trade voice"
    Oh Lord😂😂😂😂💔