Best of CES 2019: Top Tech Tour!

  • Published on:  1/12/2019
  • CES 2019 was incredible. The Biggest Tech show is full of the future including Ping Pong Playing Robots, 8K TVs, Foldable Phones, Laptops, Flexible OLEDs, Cameras and so smart home. Thanks to Omron for sponsoring my journey: More info here: out Unboxed here: #CES2019 Watch as I play with #FORPHEUS the Ping Pong Playing Robot by @omronautomationamericas, Look at the Amazing #tech LG OLED falls Curved Wall, 8K TVs, Flexible Smartphones, Razer Gaming, Honor View 20, LG OLED R the rollable TV, Ultrawide Monitors and more! Subscribe if you enjoyed the CES 2019 highlights and top tech trends 2019. Best TVs of 2019 coming up next! My favorite was forpheus table tennis robot, watch forpheus vs pro. Forpheus ping pong robot was amazing to play and can't wait to play again with the next version.Follow me on Social:Twitter: Plus: is made in partnership with Omron


  • Danny Winget 5 months ago

    Tried a different style with this one! Did you like the format? Wanted to make those feel like you were at CES if you never had a chance to experience it. More like this?

  • JENHUNG WANG 4 months ago

    Your father born in China or TAIWAN

  • Larry Hawk 5 months ago

    Excellent video, felt like I was there.

  • Harshit Bansal 2 days ago

    this is dream

  • Danny Winget 5 months ago

    Thank you! Tried a different style on this one compared to last year. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Rick Deckard 5 months ago

    I think LG really killed it this year, would`ve liked to see the new laser projectors.

  • Richard Wraith 5 months ago

    I just cant get past the fact that they are called "Lucky Goldstar", its pants... That and every peice of LG kit I ever had in the past never lasted more than 13 months...

  • Carlos D Leon 5 months ago

    Lg sucks!!

  • jcjccmz 5 months ago

    This is the best video I've seen yet covering CES. So interesting and a pleasure to watch!

  • Danny Winget 5 months ago

    Thank you! Looks like this format is a hit. Appreciate the feedback

  • Chris Kartalidis 5 months ago

    There is no reason to buy an expensive 8k display if there is no 8k content.

  • Rob 3 months ago


  • Stefan Galaxy 4 months ago

    Although with upscaling and more 4K content it wouldn't be a bad future-proofing thing

  • Henry Daya 5 months ago

    Lg is the big company that made oled panels,,,sony ,,panasonic ,,and others company buy oled panels from lg

  • Kayle LL 5 months ago

    For tv's

  • E 13 days ago

    when i saw the mini factory I know in the future drug dealers are gonna become more "smart"

  • Darin Cates 1 months ago

    QUOTE " Thank you OMRON for paying us, Lets show you THEIR booth" FAIL (sell out)

  • M A T T H E W 5 months ago

    Great job! Damn, if LG would come together with theatres for an experience like that with a movie that'd be dope! Super enjoyed the format. Honestly, you definitely hit the nail on the head with the highlights on this one! Cheers Danny! Have a safe trip home to your family.

  • axxo axx 5 months ago

    @Danny Winget i think its samsung microled overcome lg oled now.

  • Danny Winget 5 months ago

    Yeah LG would kill it! Appreciate the feedback.

  • Dz NA5G 5 months ago

    LG took over CES

  • Dark of the knight 3 months ago

    I don't think LG took over CES though...

  • ThanatosXRS 5 months ago

    No sweetie Samsung did, your still second "best"