Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park, Alaska powered by



  • Ronbo710
    Ronbo710 3 months ago

    Jane boero.. where is the bear with 4 cubs , one was noticeably smaller than the others. Hope nothing happened to it!

  • Fantastic Fun
    Fantastic Fun 3 months ago


  • lentern
    lentern 3 months ago

    this is sad alexa play despacito

  • yasmin vr
    yasmin vr 3 months ago

    So cool

  • Topwater Tony
    Topwater Tony 3 months ago

    bears always out fish me :(

  • Danielle B.
    Danielle B. 3 months ago

    Is that water as clean as it looks? Do the bears ever get washed away from the current?

  • 李朝园
    李朝园 3 months ago


  • Melodee Claassen
    Melodee Claassen 3 months ago

    Is the bear back closest to the cliff wall hurt? Unable to move?

  • connor czyz
    connor czyz 3 months ago


  • Ronbo710
    Ronbo710 3 months ago

    Jane this bear o.k.?

  • Dagwood W
    Dagwood W 4 months ago

    Almost 9 am Kodiak Island time and not a sign of them. Bears must be on strike today.

  • The Source
    The Source 4 months ago

    is the video just a loop.?

  • Reyna Aquino
    Reyna Aquino 4 months ago


  • Ralph Lara
    Ralph Lara 4 months ago


  • pop dance
    pop dance 4 months ago


  • Ski machine
    Ski machine 4 months ago


  • LIKE 777
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  • Equestrian Australia
    Equestrian Australia 4 months ago

    I'm in bed right now listening to mama Mia songs under the covers. It's 10:41 pm and I am in Australia i am tired.

  • Blessed Mother
    Blessed Mother 4 months ago

    Wow, this is cool! I was just in Alaska on a two month mission trip! Very nice to see these bears in their nAtUrAl hAbItAt! O_O

  • Buddy Lobos
    Buddy Lobos 4 months ago

    Someday I will open a bar. Not high class but for the Average Joe. This channel will run on several big screens around the bar. No bands. Just great beer & drinks, & smoked salmon sandwiches, and a few other things. You could order a pitcher or two and just sit back & watch all day long. And good air conditioning too. I'm from up north but live in the desert now. This is INCREDIBLE!!!