Being the Best/Worst Ever

  • Published on:  12/2/2018
  • life, amirite?

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  • LunaticCat
    LunaticCat seconds ago

    hmm.. I think that someone can be proud of himself. But if the person is pulling down other person because of it, it's a problem.

  • Hi
    Hi 2 minutes ago+1

    1:06 she looks like she just got her body cut off

  • Hungry Hunter
    Hungry Hunter 2 minutes ago

    It looks like somebody read "Seven habits of highly effective teens"

  • Mag 8X
    Mag 8X 3 minutes ago

    😂 Everyone is here to thank jaiden because pewdiepie chair is in youtube rewind.

  • Hi
    Hi 7 minutes ago+1

    When your shelf is empty:
    Submarine. A picture with 2 fingers on it. Pewds logo.

  • YaWhiteBoi S
    YaWhiteBoi S 8 minutes ago

    I subbed cuz of what you did in rewind

  • KnowledgeBoy 365
    KnowledgeBoy 365 8 minutes ago

    you are, indeed, riteabowt life

  • Kristopher Coca
    Kristopher Coca 9 minutes ago

    All might jaiden😂

  • max popov
    max popov 9 minutes ago

    jaiden you are actually the best dont be so nervous gurrlllll your even better than me calm yourself

  • Justin Munoz
    Justin Munoz 12 minutes ago

    lmao the monetization part tho

  • Rap Nam Joon
    Rap Nam Joon 12 minutes ago

    Indonesia subtitle plzzz!

  • Kimberly Rodriguez
    Kimberly Rodriguez 13 minutes ago

    This was made right before my birthday I FEEL SPECIAL...
    (December 1st)
    Edit: I mean posted

  • Mollz Well
    Mollz Well 13 minutes ago

    Thanks for bringing pewds into yt rewind! You earned a sub from me! Looking forward to enjoying your content!

  • CubeColton CubeColton
    CubeColton CubeColton 23 minutes ago

    @Jaiden Animatons,
    I know you made a song called empty but their is another song called empty and it's pretty good, I recomend it to u.
    Well that was my spheil

  • Sara Mohan
    Sara Mohan 23 minutes ago

    Great vid! Could u talk more about this in a comedic way tho just asking it’s a beautiful thing to talk about you’re great at this

  • Superpokefan1244
    Superpokefan1244 23 minutes ago+1

    Savior of YouTube rewind 2018 when you brought Pewdiepie's chair fam

  • ThePokemon Gamer
    ThePokemon Gamer 25 minutes ago


  • 4Bairs
    4Bairs 28 minutes ago

    6:07 Jerk XD

  • Mira TGM
    Mira TGM 28 minutes ago

    what drawing program u use?
    (need help because gunna send pictures online of me drawing)

  • Stink simply stink
    Stink simply stink 30 minutes ago

    wait wait wait... IM NOT THE REINCARNATION OF GOD HIMSELF DESTINED TO BE THE CHOSEN ONE... well shit i no longer know what im going to do with my life.
    I've been on both sides of this spectrum, when i was younger i saw myself as far more than i was, when the pedestal i put myself on broke it quickly went to the other end... now i am in a fairly healthy place