Sincerely Me! || complete countryhumans MAP || read the description before you comment

  • Published on:  8/24/2019
  • EDIT - please people, stop commenting how it’s a lot like szin’s animatic, I am aware of that. Szin’s animatic was used as a storyboard for the MAP so the parts would flow together better and be more organized. Her animatic is linked below, once again please stop saying this is unoriginal or stolen, there are countless MAPs that are based or very similar to AMVs.

    Thank you so much to everyone who joined and made the completion of the beautiful MAP possible. I'm so excited to finally show everyone the completed version that everyone has been so excited for. I would like to give a thank you to Thomas Madiburr Trash for joining, if it wasn't for them this MAP most likely wouldn't be possible. I'm sorry if anyone's thumbnail entry wasn't included, I just needed to wrap things up. All credits are at the end of the video.
    The Thumbnail was drawn by Lazy Vraptor -

    This video was storyboarded by the Sincerely Me animatic by szin -

    Sincerely Me from Dear Evan Hansen -

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