Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders

  • Published on:  8/6/2019
  • Bernie Sanders is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Senator of Vermont.


  • Vick S
    Vick S 14 days ago+2589

    If Joe Biden went on this show. His candidacy would end in a week.

  • Oscar Chacon
    Oscar Chacon 3 days ago+222

    This one video has done more to inform people on Bernie's policies than all of the mainstream media sources combined.

  • snooker expert
    snooker expert 2 days ago+115

    Wow. I think Bernie just set a record on the most amount of YouTube comments if there's such a thing lol.

  • Ben Stark
    Ben Stark 4 days ago+245

    With everything I've seen on Facebook and the news, I thought Bernie was a nutcase, until I saw this interview, great episode, Joe!

  • Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan 5 days ago+104

    Finally more people are waking up to the corrupt MSM (Main Stream Media)

  • big dawg 69
    big dawg 69 14 days ago+3993

    left wing or right wing, I think we can all agree that money needs to leave politics

  • Anup Desai
    Anup Desai 2 days ago+29

    Almost at 10 million views! Keep sharing the video with your networks :)

  • Vladimir B.
    Vladimir B. 3 days ago+211

    At this point Joe Rogan does more for democracy than CNN, MSNBC and Fox News put together.

  • Jacob Rosenberg
    Jacob Rosenberg 3 days ago+170

    Only candidate that will admit the system is corrupt.

  • Evan Moore
    Evan Moore 4 days ago+183

    The man marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Exercised his constitutional right to protest unjust conditions. All I need to know for the character of a president. A person that believes in fighting for what is right for the people of our nation.

  • Martin Hunt
    Martin Hunt 14 days ago+12346

    So this is what it’s like to let a candidate articulate their position.....

  • cosmic katamari
    cosmic katamari 2 days ago+85

    I had no interest in Bernie until I listened to this.

  • Leonardo Filippini
    Leonardo Filippini yesterday+20

    I'm from Italy, we have the second best healthcare in the world and, for the life of me, I have no idea why Americans are not voting for this guy.

  • Joni Nurmela
    Joni Nurmela 4 days ago+55

    We have lobbyists in Finland, but they aren't allowed to bribe anyone

  • Kingmetu
    Kingmetu 20 hours ago+11

    As an European things Bernie wants to do should be self-evident. It looks like he is talking about a 3rd world country.

  • Michael Xavier
    Michael Xavier 14 days ago+3379

    Joe, you're embarrassing CNN.

  • Michelle Fuehrer
    Michelle Fuehrer yesterday+33

    9.4 million human hours well spent. Well done Joe and Bernie.

  • Bruno Carvalho
    Bruno Carvalho 3 days ago+52

    This gentleman will help Brazil a lot. I mean, it will ruin Brazil's fascist government.... And that's awesome.

  • Cryptobiont's Cry
    Cryptobiont's Cry 3 days ago+151

    This is the best Bernie Sanders interview I have seen. Very good man.

  • James Wilkes
    James Wilkes 5 days ago+163

    I'm telling you now as a UK citizen, national healthcare is the best thing in the world, I would barely be alive and deformed thanks to a skull deformity I was born with, that was fixed, but would have cost my family hundreds of thousands of pounds, and left me ugly and with terrible brain damage! I have had many encounters with hospitals in my life and having the security and safety of their hospitality and great, free treatment, has been a true blessing. I have now grown up into a beautiful, strong intelligent man with a degree, a job as a teacher, and barely a sign of a past deformity save for a large bald scar that constantly reminds me of that blessing. Imagine the millions of other nameless faces like me who would have much better lives thanks to yours and your fellow countrymen's support. I'm telling you now, Bernie is your best chance for a better country.