I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!?!

  • Published on:  7/8/2019
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  • Vinay 14 days ago

    Will Smith:I can't believe Jaden is 21?!Us:We can't believe Will Smith is 50!!🤔😮😅

  • mja music switzerland 18 hours ago

    Will looks still young 👍🇨🇭🎧🎶

  • Mak Mak 6 days ago


  • Kaia A 5 days ago

    “jaden is 100% fearless”*jaden rolls over the ground because of a bug”

  • Jamey Tarrant 14 hours ago


  • Allen Tashobya 15 hours ago


  • Tiffany Paige 4 days ago

    " he just looked at me like i'm the second best rapper in my house " I'M DEAD OML

  • wow can you imagine your dad doing this for you?yeah, me neither

  • Petr Crawthwait yesterday

    will smith has no self respect

  • If i would be rich af i would do anything too , lol

  • Vojtech Valis 6 days ago

    Me: *never watched a Will Smith video*YouTube algorithm: Here's all you've been waiting for. :))))))

  • Charmin Kumar yesterday

    Do you know the blue shirt kid

  • Melanie 13 days ago

    Imagine your dad giving you a tribute like this 😭😭😭😭

  • It's not impossible. Actually, my father is better thousands time than Will Smith hahaha!💙I'm sorry for everyone who's never been allowed to see his/her father or who's missing his/her father right now.🥺

  • Shabani Sheby 2 days ago

    @Robert Nortmann ooh I'm sorry

  • sister girl 6 days ago

    Jaden: "I'm not going anywhere because everything at his house is free."Literally me lol.

  • KingB Opps 3 days ago

    @Josean Thompson *Illuminati wants to know your location*

  • Julia Tongco 3 days ago

    seeing your child being successful and still that down to earth... man

  • Katelynn Zachary 5 days ago

    No one: Will every two seconds: “Jaden” “Jaden” “Jaden, don’t embarrass me” “Jaden calm down” “Jaden”

  • Aku The Mask 6 days ago

    Will: “I can’t believe jaden is 21”Me: I can’t believe your 50

  • Aku The Mask 3 days ago

    KingB Opps yeah