TEN iOS 13 Settings To Turn Off Now

  • Published on:  11/8/2019
  • David and David tell you about ten iOS 13 settings you turn off immediately. Apple has a way of making sure the settings they want you to have on get turned back on during updates. It’s a good idea to give your iPhone a once a year tune-up after a major software update.

    0:24 In-App Ratings & Reviews
    0:59 iPhone / iCloud / Health Analytics
    1:36 Unnecessary Location Services
    2:28 Unnecessary System Services & Analytics
    2:54 Significant Locations
    3:23 Product Improvement Data
    3:37 Unnecessary Background App Refresh
    4:41 Push Mail
    5:32 Disable App Access To Camera, Photos, & More
    6:34 Uninstall Third-Party Keyboards

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