So I Made a Terrible Fanart Account...

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • Head to and use code: SLAZO for 15% off your order!I took to Twitter with a brand new (terrible) fanart account.Become a member of the channel: SOME MERCH ► ► ► ► ► music:Mob Psycho 100 - Reigen's ThemeCuphead - Floral FuryOutro song ► Lemaitre - Not Too Late


  • Lux0rd
    Lux0rd 11 months ago+1781

    The worst part of this video was the fact that "shishydevilOWO" was apparently already taken

  • dylxn grxce
    dylxn grxce 11 months ago+1173

    "i just really want alex to choke me"
    ~ slazo, 2k18

  • man
    man 11 months ago+878


  • Socky
    Socky 11 months ago+406

    Slazo is secretly just a anime girl who wants Senpai to notice him and this is the only way he can show it without making it look like he’s serious so people don’t judge hime

  • SatyrToon Animation
    SatyrToon Animation 11 months ago+441

    Also, you're trying too hard with the pictures. My many years on DeviantArt have taught me many things about getting attention with horrible fanart. First, you need to get a free art program like Firealpaca. MS Paint or Paint 3D make it too obvious that you're trolling. Second, don't trace actual images of them. That is also a dead giveaway for trolls. What you need to do is make horrible renditions with bad anatomy. Noodle or rectangle limbs with circles as feet as well as fork-like shapes for hands which help immensely. You also need to make the eyes way more detailed than the rest of the picture. For example, take different shades of the eye's color. Start with the darkest shade on the top of the iris and then move to the lighter shade on the bottom of the iris. Use only four shades. Then, smudge or blend them together and add little white circles to represent eye shine. This makes it seem like you are genuinely trying and is sure to trigger a lot of actual artists who hate it when people make the eyes more detailed than the rest of the image.
    Another way to make it seem real is if you cover one of the eyes with the hair rather than draw both because that's something beginner artists do when they can't make symmetrical eyes.

  • Mada Faka
    Mada Faka 11 months ago+539

    4:50 as someone who draws...
    I f e e l p a i n

  • Emelia Persell
    Emelia Persell 11 months ago+179

    make a fan account for yourself and see what people will say about you

  • _ Thermo _
    _ Thermo _ 11 months ago +436

    Vincero manager: ok we need to sponsor someone to get our product out there. Any ideas on where to sponsor?
    Vincero worker: maybe YouTube. A lot of people are on there.
    Vincero manager: good idea! Who to sponsor though... maybe a review youtuber? Or a tech youtuber?
    Vincero worker: (puts on shades) nah bro lets sponsor some random YouTuber who has nothing to do with our product.
    Vincero manager: (puts on shades) Slazo.

  • Kiara Black
    Kiara Black 10 months ago+211

    AwA, EwE, IwI, OwO, UwU and sometimes YwY

  • Sup3rTalks
    Sup3rTalks 11 months ago+1161

    Why does the fanart look better than the wikihow drawings

  • StudsX
    StudsX 7 months ago+43

    The Jake Paul one looks like a Wiki-How art

  • AmnesiacCa3sar
    AmnesiacCa3sar 11 months ago+111

    look at my boi getting sponsorships, im so proud of u its like watching my own child growing up

  • Clau Ymt
    Clau Ymt 11 months ago+76

    Why are you so handsome like wth

  • Orange juice concentrate
    Orange juice concentrate 11 months ago+72

    Bob Ross could never

  • Nins Mins
    Nins Mins 11 months ago+641

    Slazo really brought out his inner fangirl in this one

  • Max does stuff
    Max does stuff 11 months ago+31

    The soothouse art is actually really cute tbh

  • k.
    k. 11 months ago+213

    pray for my man hoseok, ain’t nothing wrong with him, he just keeps eating his boogers

  • NeoVioletsMeowInc
    NeoVioletsMeowInc 11 months ago+47

    Slazo, didn't you know, Australia doesn't exist.

  • Ellie B
    Ellie B 11 months ago+34

    my dog started growling during the johnny johhnt remix

  • Auroras Aura
    Auroras Aura 11 months ago+556

    I've seen people unironically make worse art than yours