70th Emmy Awards: The Americans Wins For Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg win the Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for The Americans


  • RickeGnool 9 months ago

    Well it was about damn time they won something.

  • Final episode is one of finest finals episode of tv show ever.

  • NSpector 9 months ago

    Ohhhh, their kids when they won. :''')

  • Ítalo de Araújo 9 months ago

    So well deserved!!!! Thank you for this!

  • Valentina Urzúa 9 months ago

    i'm so happy, i jumped like those kids literally, SO WELL DESERVED!

  • Blob Loblaw 9 months ago

    I never have much of a reaction when winners are announced, but I jumped and fistpumped when Rhys won.

  • kushy9 9 months ago

    So so happy for this! That finale was by far the best series finale I've seen and has to be considered one of the best ever. Congrats for such a deserved award!

  • EatMeetnGreet 9 months ago

    CHILLSSS!! It's about time!!! #theamericans

  • Ian Levinson 9 months ago

    Most deserved award of the night

  • Redd Bone77 9 months ago

    Best series, best finale, best acting, best writing...Congrats!

  • Sergio Terrazas 9 months ago

    Hell yeah. So long deserved.