Building Underground House With Underground Swimming Pool - 2

  • Published on:  5/16/2019
  • Building Underground House With Underground Swimming PoolMr.Heang Update: In this video I'm going to show you about how to Build The Most Secret Underground House with underground swimming pool to avoid enemy with very simple primitive tools and ancient skill ! #UndergroundHouse#Ancient#ArchitectureA bout this project I been working hard for 28 days to build it up !!!Hope you like this video. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below my video. I am happy for your constructive feedback.-------------------------------------Thanks you very much.Subscribe Now :


  • Hun Mizó
    Hun Mizó 2 months ago+13796

    when you are trying to play minecraft and your mom says go outside
    Edit: i did not expect this comment to blow up like a creeper lol

  • Ally Shenk
    Ally Shenk yesterday+20

    This guy must be so freaking strong...Where is this?

  • Jajs Jsjs
    Jajs Jsjs 22 hours ago+5

    Soy el unico que esta buscando el comentario en español???

  • Elaine Marie Herlihy D

    Where is he going to sleep at night?

  • Yang Yang
    Yang Yang yesterday+2

    I salute you man! Your are the most hard working bee I've never seen😊

  • Captain crunch
    Captain crunch 2 months ago+11528

    I believe this is the same architectural style used by Patrick star of bikini bottom.

  • Lovely Bonares
    Lovely Bonares yesterday+3

    After watching
    Me: maybe i should try this lol

  • Avenir Manansala
    Avenir Manansala yesterday+8

    Hey. This man built this for 28 days. No more arguments. It was almost a month.

  • IAMOgQueen Goddess
    IAMOgQueen Goddess 4 days ago+4

    I hope my husband can do something like that amazing

  • Pankaj Saroj
    Pankaj Saroj yesterday+1

    I don't believe that any person is so much hard wark can do it

  • Lonnie Somers
    Lonnie Somers 2 months ago+22541

    Honestly I’m more amazed he made this in a forest and didn’t have any roots in the way.

  • Pritul Zaman
    Pritul Zaman yesterday+2

    I wanna hire that man😂

  • Jarell Tupe
    Jarell Tupe 2 days ago+9

    The best person to choose for a survival guide if you go to the forest

  • pkas raw
    pkas raw yesterday+1

    This is better than my lack paid flat in city

  • ian nebres
    ian nebres 14 hours ago+1

    I still don't know how do u charge a camera in a forest ;-;

  • Mecheliner
    Mecheliner 2 months ago+461

    2016: how to build pool
    2018 how to build cave pool
    2019 how to bunker pool
    2025 how to build underground city to survive apocalypse

  • Rose Yu
    Rose Yu yesterday+1

    But it's I'm happy that u had idea to build something

  • PMA L/C 143 PSNN/61
    PMA L/C 143 PSNN/61 17 hours ago+1

    Friend: I'm an introvert
    Me: Hold my beer

  • HenryPlayz
    HenryPlayz 8 hours ago

    Why do you smash the rocks full of ants and insects inside the po0l??!
    Never mind it makes the pool protection clay stuff🤯😅

  • Elaine Oliveira
    Elaine Oliveira 8 hours ago

    46.mill invejoso não gostarão do vídeo /// vc é o cara 😎