Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

  • Published on:  12/3/2018
  • In this special Self-Deportation Edition of The Daily Show, Trevor heads back to South Africa, tours the neighborhood he grew up in, talks to his grandmother about Nelson Mandela and apartheid, and gives an “MTV Cribs”-style tour of his grandma’s home.

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  • S/A Everyday
    S/A Everyday 20 minutes ago

    I'm walking on a road there are two paths which one do I take

    STEPHEN ADONIS 28 minutes ago

    the stories scare me...things happened

  • 凛音Lyn
    凛音Lyn 51 minutes ago

    Your grandma is such a cute little old lady! And apparently grandmas whacking people with house slippers is universal, lol!

  • Rishabh R
    Rishabh R 54 minutes ago

    His colour ascent is somewhat like indians

  • Rahim Saaioud
    Rahim Saaioud an hour ago

    Simply ....WOW

  • My Opinion
    My Opinion an hour ago

    You can see the resemblance. Bless her heart.

  • P Hill
    P Hill 2 hours ago

    Trevor and his grandma are adorable.

  • cleopatra khumalo
    cleopatra khumalo 2 hours ago

    Much respect for ds Trevor ur granny so adorable even in her aging 💖

  • Angela Garvey
    Angela Garvey 3 hours ago

    I love her! Thank you for sharing this Trevor!

  • Deidra Richards
    Deidra Richards 3 hours ago

    Its South Africa, but it resembles my own Grandma's house in Trinidad when I was growing up - fridge magnets and all.

  • Liam Gregory
    Liam Gregory 3 hours ago

    There's a guy that thinks you and him are related and his name is Jason Noah😂😂😂

  • Pezandrio Claasste
    Pezandrio Claasste 3 hours ago

    5:35 lol snaaks

  • Steve Neff
    Steve Neff 4 hours ago

    You best take care of that Gogo!

  • Steve Neff
    Steve Neff 4 hours ago

    So Precious!

  • Nic Rose
    Nic Rose 4 hours ago

    His grandma is such a g

  • nkateko lebogang
    nkateko lebogang 4 hours ago+1

    #blackdontcrack 91 years old still looking amazing. Hai umuhle gogo

  • K Charles
    K Charles 4 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing your funny, amazing, and beautiful grandmother with us!

  • David Brelin
    David Brelin 4 hours ago

    What a delightful person your grandmother is. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Catherine Njogu
    Catherine Njogu 4 hours ago

    Trevor you had a difficult past, but you turned up well what a beautiful story to tell, your granma is a lovely woman, very intelligent. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  • Rafael M Hernandez
    Rafael M Hernandez 5 hours ago

    So much for Trevor blackopportunity and spending hours learning to be black