Celia Keenan-Bolger of "Wolverine: The Long Night" joins us to sing some Marvel showtunes!

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • #Wolverine fan? Make sure to check out Marvel’s “Wolverine: The Long Night” podcast that’s available to everyone today! And check out this clip from #EarthsMightiestShow with Celia Keenan-Bolger who plays Agent Sally Pierce in the series! In April, she joined us to talk about her character – and sing one of Wolverine’s famous lines – as an Opera.Check it out! – https://www.facebook.com/MarvelEMS/vi...Earth’s Mightiest Show is a weekly variety talk show hosted by Lorraine Cink and Langston Belton who cover trending topics in pop-culture, interview celebrities and creators, provide exclusive on location access, and play interactive games that will have both our guests and hosts giggling. Whether you are a Marvel super-fan or new to the Marvel Universe, Earth’s Mightiest Show has something for you. Watch more from Earth’s Mightiest Show – http://bit.ly/2IQSUsj ► Subscribe to Marvel: http://bit.ly/WeO3YJFollow Marvel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/marvelLike Marvel on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/MarvelFor even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr: http://marvelentertainment.tumblr.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marvelGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/+marvelPinterest: http://pinterest.com/marvelofficial


  • S
    S 11 months ago

    Y’all do the randomest things🤣
    Luv it🙏🏾

  • Shivansh Choudhary
    Shivansh Choudhary 11 months ago+3

    Marvel is the BEST!

  • Em Stu
    Em Stu 11 months ago+1

    Y’all shidding on this already but I am. high key so excited if both of the Keenan-Bolger’s are in the same project you know it’s about to be quality content

  • junior ruiz
    junior ruiz 11 months ago+1

    It's a good thing Marvel Comics sell so well or this type of stuff might turn off some readers.

  • punchamole
    punchamole 8 months ago

    Love Celia's character. What a great show. Thx

  • salz salz
    salz salz 11 months ago

    Im for Richard armitage as wolverine with mask(like a spider-man homecoming touch)♥️

  • timey wimey
    timey wimey 11 months ago+3

    I wanna hugh jackman :')

  • Hail Hydra
    Hail Hydra 11 months ago+1


  • Clint Mack
    Clint Mack 11 months ago

    Celia needs to record full versions of the Wolverine and Squirrel girl songs, asap.

  • muhammed Riyan
    muhammed Riyan 11 months ago

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  • Bhupat Chavda
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  • Shivansh Choudhary
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  • CB CuckBullSki
    CB CuckBullSki 11 months ago+1

    Doesn't this just sum up the impressive direction Marvel has taken in recent years. No shit show to see here people.....just move along please.....move along to decent comics on indiegogo.

  • Diego Pansini
    Diego Pansini 11 months ago

    the world's about to break, tormented and attacked

  • Zukai Pureex
    Zukai Pureex 11 months ago+1