Men Caught In High Winds on Skyscraper

  • Published on:  5/17/2019
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  • A Commenter 2 months ago

    **Gets caught in a dangerous situation on top of a skyscraper**_Dwayne the Rock Johnson wants your phone number_

  • this name gAy 10 days ago

    @iluv2snipe1 I saw one of those guys in a store down in Yukon I think, or at least it looked INCREDIBLY close.

  • ARMY heartyou 11 days ago


  • Pikachu: *throws pokeball* human: *doesnt get captured* Pikachu: *_ABORT ABORT_*

  • Steven Matthews commented the exact same thing.

  • Dude was on the phone. Whether this was staged or not is the question.

  • Mizhidor 1 months ago

    *Nobody:**Daily dose:* There's a type of horse that can grow a moustache

  • christian Estrada an hour ago

    I was gonna say that but thanks for doing it for me

  • Salomon Rogel 1 months ago

    No one:Daily Dose of Internet:*Pikachu kidnaps person using Pokeballs.*

  • Modustollens1 1 months ago

    Fake AF

  • Miasters 1 months ago

    Those pikachus are cunts

  • insect0114 1 months ago

    Pikachu: *HUMAN! I CHOOSE YOU!*Man: What the fu-

  • Sad Raccoon 1 months ago

    -nny you said that

  • UHDUMUF GAMER 1 months ago

    i don't know anymore i'm just rambling in the comments section

  • colorbar.s 1 months ago

    The pokemon one was funny but I really hope it's staged, poor guy

  • Nate Boykin 4 days ago

    the guy was holding his phone

  • NotSoft Airsoft 5 days ago

    colorbar.s same

  • Steven Matthews 2 months ago

    Pikachu: *throws pokeball*human: *doesn't get captured*Pikachu: *_ABORT ABORT_*

  • DrawWithStyle - easy commented the exact same thing.


  • Zayin Frye 1 months ago

    3:15 Wow, that took some sk- OMG, LOOK AT THE ADORABLE KITTY!!

  • @Janis Wespers good

  • Janis Wespers 17 days ago

    @[screams in Russian] tanks

  • nada marwan 1 months ago

    Me : Feeling happy for onceDepression : 0:52

  • SunBunz 1 months ago

    nada marwan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • SirCrazyLion YT 27 days ago

    0:34 like if this is you on your last day of school

  • No no no 0:34 me giving up after i just got dimands froom minecraft