This Cat Getting Attention By Opening Doors In Creative Way

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Credit: Chantel Barry
    Chаrlie wаs аdоpted intо his fаmily when he wаs just а kitten.
    Whenever а member оf his fаmily is in а different rооm with the dооr clоsed, Chаrlie gets а bit upset аnd becоmes determined tо sоmehоw get inside the rооm.

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  • The shenanigans of a Platypus

    He's like 'whoops, I fell in. Didn't mean to do that. Oh you're here? Did not notice you there, I just unintentionally fell into the room when I was trying to stretch my paws. But since I'm here, and you're here, let's hang out.'

  • Sue Collins
    Sue Collins 2 months ago

    My sister had a cat that used to stand on his hind legs and do a kind of a drum roll on the door with his paws. It sounded really professional.

  • Sue Collins
    Sue Collins 2 months ago

    Love the music - this is one Secret Agent Cat!

  • Isla Love
    Isla Love 2 months ago

    The backflip is so dramatic 😂. Just like me. Now I think I need a Charlie lol

  • potato warrior cat lover

    So cute!

  • The Caydenator
    The Caydenator 2 months ago


  • Ive Chang
    Ive Chang 3 months ago

    Can always count on you to exercise my heart to love more. Thank you.🙏 Namasté

  • Tony Gonzalez
    Tony Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Just too dam cute lol

  • shashaneka
    shashaneka 3 months ago


  • Syncherize Official
    Syncherize Official 3 months ago

    Me when someone says free chocolate

  • Joshua Fogg
    Joshua Fogg 3 months ago

    I bet he's constantly humming the 007 theme to himself every time he does that.

  • PascackValleyRailfan
    PascackValleyRailfan 3 months ago

    My cat Charlie used to open doors too. One of the first times i experienced it was while i was home alone in the bathroom. On toilet and i see handle slowly turning down and door pop open. Slowly creaking open then all of a sudden a pitiful meow. LoL

  • Che Michelle
    Che Michelle 3 months ago+1

    Wow so interesting

  • Kevin Sp
    Kevin Sp 3 months ago

    Its just like me when i fall in the bedroom 😸

  • Rama Dhani
    Rama Dhani 3 months ago

    such a Dumb cat ever!!! 😂🤣

  • Asuncion Coronado Lopez

    How funny he is!

  • zoiuduu
    zoiuduu 3 months ago

    more powerpoint presentations huh

  • TheKeithvidz
    TheKeithvidz 3 months ago

    What music?

  • bubba pacha
    bubba pacha 3 months ago

    Thats cool....but those folks need to learn how to shut a door properly

  • When The Music's Over
    When The Music's Over 3 months ago

    Insert "Charlie, aren't you darling?" reference here. :)