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  • Published on:  1/22/2016
  • Source: Laflin as the narrator ( Crusaders [World] OST Track 19 - Travelers Who Rest


  • Larry Bundy Jr 3 years ago

    Alternate ending to Heavy Rain.

  • English_w/o_GMO 4 months ago

    Детерминизм это свобода!

  • TheSmashMaster9000 9 months ago

    Press X to *Leave the Fucker*

  • iziwings 3 years ago

    Jello, I gotta give you a _hand,_ that was pretty funny.

  • English_w/o_GMO 4 months ago

    Детерминизм это свобода!

  • egg shell 5 months ago

    I were the 1mil person to like this where is my reward now

  • Apple 3 years ago

    Yoshikage Kira only wanted a peaceful life..

  • English_w/o_GMO 4 months ago

    Детерминизм это свобода!

  • o o f 2 years ago

    Sanic Scout No your logic doesn't make sense, try and actually look into why his ability is this

  • His "son" should have stopped kink shaming him.

  • Greener221 1 months ago


  • Apple 2 years ago

    "Hayato hush.. When you have your first boner, you will realize what a fetish is to a man!" (5 months late)

  • Bingee Cringee 2 years ago


  • deablo 8982 2 years ago

    Imagine you're at the mall, casually shopping, looking at some of the chicken in the heater thing. You've got your hands next to the chicken because its nice and warm, before you take out a chicken and add it to your cart."This'll be great for dinner tonight!" You think to yourself, as you carry on along to get some cereal for tomorrow.Suddenly, you hear a beep."An announcement," You think "Maybe there's a sale going on somewhere!"The mall goes quiet, as to hear what l...

  • Noxar Boi 4 months ago

    Jack Williams mental BREAKDOWN!! BREAKDOWN!!

  • English_w/o_GMO 4 months ago

    Детерминизм это свобода!

  • HoddTodd 3 years ago

    I find it funny that people who don't even know what Jojo is share that picture aroundWhy is Kira the best villain besides Valentine? Then again Valentine isn't really a villain, so yeah, Kira's the best villain.

  • Marshallemmet 2 months ago

    Valentine is best antagonist, until you realize he was goodThen Kira is the best again

  • Jacob Benko 2 years ago

    Joey JoJo's High Quality Anime Rips At the expense of every other country

  • Ocsttiac 3 years ago

    No hand-licking or beautiful Duwangs. 0/4, get a feeling so complicated.

  • Sterling Muse 2 years ago

    Bad things always happen when the number 4 is involved. You should make it go to seven instead.

  • Apple 2 years ago

    Mihailo the Armored Kitty I give it a 7/11 cause it makes me tether my feathers! Wtf am I saying

  • MyBebopBlues 3 years ago

    This is the dad the world needs, not the dad the world deserves

  • TheFolklore Cunt 1 years ago

    Sanic MeyMeys yeah that's the most accurate way to describe Yoshikage K- *Bites The Dust*

  • o o f 2 years ago

    That's not his dad, he murderd his dad and took his identity so the Kink Shame Commandos don't catch him because he murders women and steals their hands for his own fetish/kink

  • Daniel Aviv 3 years ago

    He made him BITE THE DUST :DYou can say it was a SHEER HEART ATTACK

  • Platinum 5 months ago

    Bada bing