Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Trailer: Every Easter Egg and Secret



  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 4 months ago+25

    67 Easter eggs?
    This video is the antithesis of YouTube click bait!

  • Spore Hux
    Spore Hux 4 months ago+166

    It will end on a nonsensical cliff hanger, and Mace Windu will jump out and say "mother f.........! " (credits roll)

  • Alex Rich
    Alex Rich 4 months ago+181

    Lando: I will get my ship back
    Han: Over my dead body
    Lando: Hahaha

  • Brody J
    Brody J 4 months ago+42

    "That's not how the force works." Had me laugh!!

  • Kayla Kelley
    Kayla Kelley 4 months ago+94

    That’s definitely not Kylo fixing his own helmet. Those hands are hairy

  • Milan Záhrubský
    Milan Záhrubský 3 months ago+31

    If Darth Maul survived fall into reactor and lived after this 30 year, for Palpatine can't be this problem!

  • ToiletClogger1945
    ToiletClogger1945 4 months ago+115

    next year's spin off will be Star Wars: Return of the Gungans: a Jar Jar Story

  • PMM
    PMM 4 months ago+45

    Best way to sum it all up..
    " Young fool, only now at the end do you understand. - Palpatine

  • Will Hopkins
    Will Hopkins 4 months ago+61

    Ewoks don't live on Endor, they live on a MOON of Endor.

  • Dario 108
    Dario 108 3 months ago+14

    I knew the Obi Wan thumbnail was click bait...but I still clicked 🙄😩
    edit: for bad spelling 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • omg my feet are on fire
    omg my feet are on fire 4 months ago+7

    This is almost worse than mike zeroh clickbait

  • Raymond Hall
    Raymond Hall 4 months ago+49

    If we don't get Darth JarJar, i am going to be pissed. That's the reveal we deserve

    CPD NDK 2 months ago+3

    İ hope Qui Gonn will come back

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega 4 days ago+1

    Palpatine has just been hanging out on Endor waiting for the new Tool Album, duh.

  • IronClad R2D2
    IronClad R2D2 1 months ago+3

    Are u all blind! 3po has no red arm and Finn is holding reys staff!

  • Erulin68
    Erulin68 4 months ago+4

    Lando's NOT in the Falcon for the first time since Empire.... he destroyed the second Death Star in RoTJ..... duh :p

  • Mr Mus
    Mr Mus 4 months ago+34

    Where is the “broom kid strikes back” from the end of the last Jedi?

  • Michael Baldwin
    Michael Baldwin 4 months ago+6

    Rey is probably Han and Leah's. In the opening seen she is carrying both Luke's light saber and the blaster Han gave her. Symbolism of being Skywalker and Solo.

  • Riley W
    Riley W 4 months ago+16

    Does nobody remember that where return of the Jedi took place is the FORREST MOON OF ENDOR so that means that the Death Star wreakage could be on ENDOR itself

  • HippoButtSecks
    HippoButtSecks 4 months ago+30

    Screencrush: if you look closely you'll notice it's a star wars movie.
    Look at this shot, they're on a planet which could mean that they're on a planet somewhere in space.

    Im not as good as Erik voss.