Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - A Long Term User Review

  • Published on:  11/9/2018
  • After a full three months of being used as primary smartphone, its time to give the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a proper user review of its camera, battery life and more. There has certainly been some issues but its also a great device. Buy items in this video from Amazon at the links below:Phanteks Digital RGB Kit: Fan Rings: ► unit provided free of charge by Samsung. This video is sponsored by Phanteks. As per Hardware Canucks guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.Gear list (from Amazon): Panasonic GH5 - GH4 - G7 - C100 - RX100m3 - 18-35mm F1.8 - DUZI Slider - C314 - C 568 B - H5 -­--------------------Our full site: Our Forums: us for more updates!Twitter­---------------#samsungnote9#note9#hardwarecanucks


  • HardwareCanucks
    HardwareCanucks  9 months ago+267

    For those wondering: Icon Pack is SIMPAX. Widgets: Zooper Pro Stile ALSO, about the "long term review", YES in the context of smartphone reviews, this IS long term since it was used as a daily driver for ~95 days while other smartphone content was pushed back.
    Also the S10 is around the corner.

  • Play Playuh
    Play Playuh 8 months ago+1457

    I work at a McDonald's and was placed in the back window one day. This man went in the drive thru without having his order taken at the speaker so I was confused. I tried asking him "excuse me sir, I don't believe I got your order, would you mind if I asked for it again". He kept shaking his head and handed me a slip of paper. The paper had what he wanted to order on it but it was vague. "kids meal- apple. Big mac- med." there's a lot more to an order than the basics, and so I quickly whipped out my S-Pen and as I would show him what I wrote, he would nod yes or no. This went on for a few minutes until I got his order down correctly. When we were set and done he gestured for my phone. So I hand it to him, and he writes "phone??".. I wrote back "note 9". And bless this man, his smile so big. He gave me a "thank you" in sign language and a thumbs up, and went about his day. Honestly the coolest experience I've ever had with my Note 9, and this happened after only owning it for 2 days(upgraded from galaxyS7 to note9 in September)!

  • LeSurgïe™ 🈂
    LeSurgïe™ 🈂 9 months ago+852

    note 9 is best selling samsung to date...beating the iphone that shows people are becoming less enslaved to apple's tyranical prices and lackluster products

  • Bonchis Radu
    Bonchis Radu 9 months ago+400

    You were supposed to give an impression after 90 days. Instead, specs and first impressions!

  • Charles Yeo
    Charles Yeo 5 months ago+41

    Dude. A long term review should be about how the device is updated and how the device holds up over use. Most of this video is just the same as the initial review. Great photos samples btw

  • Ryan Ali
    Ryan Ali 9 months ago+685

    90 days, note 9, November 9th
    hmm... 🤔

  • Bodē Ghost Productions
    Bodē Ghost Productions 8 months ago+82

    S-Pen... As an avid user of the Note series phones, I CANNOT imagine NOT having an S-Pen. Fantastic utility /hardware device is utterly OUTSTANDING. I'm waiting for my Note 9 to arrive tomorrow being, Dec 6th & I'm VERY excited. I rarely use my fingers on my device since the development on this savior.
    With less smudging that using your digits promotes to your phone, if you become as accustomed to the S-Pen as I am, you'll do less cleaning, you'll have precise editing skills.
    If you're copying & pasting a lot, well, instead of Tapping with a big finger, the S-Pen allows you to tap (select) , hold, copy & paste with ease & speed. If you "swipe" type for texting or emails, well, this will blow your mind. So FAST swipe typing as you can just fly around the keyboard. For artists?
    You can color, sketch basically anything in an EXTREMELY accurate an efficient manner. Coloring? Great way to relax. Business? Well, I'm a record producer, engineer and musician /Singer-Songwriter so, I'm constantly charting music.
    Using APPS like "SQUID" you can create free formed charts & if I'm not charting & say signing documents... Well, no worries. Then there's that! Note taking becomes FUN & NOT work. Accessing your calender & Performing schedules... A breeze.
    Again, you'll have to trust me & force yourself to become reliant on using this device. Once you do you won't go back to finger methods. At least that's my take /posture on this. 🍀 💜 🍀 I sign mountains of contracts. Yes, physically have to sign them. There ya go! No problem with the S-Pen. Waiting on my Note 9 once received I'll be able to utilize the now 'Bluetooth' feature & TRUST ME!
    I'LL USE THIS for pictures, my presentations, everything. You may have a better understanding why I prefer the Note series to most any other phones available.
    As a professional / business owner, efficiency is paramount! Here's how I justify the cost...Now, you may think I'm looney with what I'm willing to spend, but honestly? I'd pay $1,500.00 for this phone ALL DAY LONG. WHY? I amoratize it this way.
    The phones of today have replaced MANY if not ALL of 'my' "OTHER" devices of yestermoon... 😉 I no longer EVER open my laptop on business while abroad. I highly dislike taking an expensive laptop on the plane. NO NEED ANY LONGER .
    My Note series phone replaces my laptop ENTIRELY! HOW? #1. IT'S WAAAY FASTER! Utilizing the DEX Station I can access a huge monitor, use my wireless keyboard & then my phone becomes the mouse pad & mouse all-in-one.
    So, that's an easy $1800.00! Replaces my high-end camera for Basic to intermediate capturing. The video is unreal! Replaces my digital camera & my video camera... $2K EASY! NO MORE NEED FOR AN iPOD. This becomes my media/mp3 player... $150 easy! So, using the devices in the past as mentioned, more than justifies the personal need or expense of $1000.00.
    As we debate, if you will, the rationale for what is vowed as an expensive phone, I feel we need to think of this phone as a plethora of offerings. Heck, it's even a movie theatre for me. With my earbuds/headphones on the incredible display, internet costs free movie channel from Sprint being, Hulu.
    I mean once again for me the justification is actually VERY INEXPENSIVE when just the things I've mentioned here are considered. It's all very personal and should be presented as the possibilities, features & benefits to the end-user.
    I've left out many other details like how this has become my daytimer... That alone is a life saver!
    In summation, thank you for your incredibly well done video here, sir. You a write professional, touched on Key points. You are fair & non-biased. Free now subscribed to your channel & look forward to any more of your helpful videos. Keep it up. The quality of the feed & audio is outstanding!
    Respectfully, Brian Allan Bode
    Happy Holidays to everyone out there as well.
    Owner / Bode Gh👻st Productions.

  • Krishnaswamy Kannan
    Krishnaswamy Kannan 9 months ago+19

    I use a Note 8. Just wanted to comment about the use of S-Pen! I live in a cold country and the only way to use my phone outdoors with winter gloves of my choice is with the S-Pen (conductive gloves ar mostly too thin to withstand cold). The Pen is also very handy when it comes to selecting text and editing photos in Photoshop!

  • SkwareBlox
    SkwareBlox 8 months ago+5

    90 days is long term? Get on my level i've been using the S5 for almost 5 years now.

  • Papo Sanchez
    Papo Sanchez 9 months ago+7


  • Terry Shelton
    Terry Shelton 9 months ago+8

    Really enjoy mine. I brought the 8 GB ,512 GB unit. Going on 90 days and no problems so far.
    I do use the s pen for just about everything.

  • Zanarkke
    Zanarkke 7 months ago+6

    SMART SELECT! I can't use it enough, especially for sharing memes, or taking notes that require images. It even extracts text and phone numbers! It's so much more intuitive than using my fat fingers to select text. Amazingly it can extract text from images too!!

  • Gabe Ulrickson
    Gabe Ulrickson 4 months ago+2

    It's not that they dont care about having the latest software. They want to make SURE everything is going to be safe and work before they push the update.

  • Doggo FN
    Doggo FN 9 months ago+10

    I had no problems on my note 9 with the fingerprint scanner and havnt heard anything about it but you sounds like a rare issue

  • Anthony Duck
    Anthony Duck 3 months ago+2

    Just bought one for $490 on Ebay!💪

  • Nolin Kumar
    Nolin Kumar 4 months ago+2

    the autocad sketchbook is what I really use the s pen for

  • Søren Siim Nielsen
    Søren Siim Nielsen 9 months ago+8

    Great video! In particular, I must compliment your great audio quality. I'm rocking pro monitors (Adam Audio T7V's) with a nice DAC at my desk and your audio was just perfect. Good job on the editing!

  • daniel Belt
    daniel Belt 7 months ago+18

    I use s pen for old school runescape every day

  • Warren Maslowski
    Warren Maslowski 9 months ago+277

    I got the note 9 about a week after it was released and I have loved it. Coming from a galaxy S7 and not being really thrilled with many other phones on the market (notch city). It was either the note 9, pixel 3, or wait for the S10. Overall, I think I made the right choice. Samsung to me is a safe zone for tech. Might not to be the best at one thing, but damn. Do they do a lot of things well enough for me to question going to another brand. It's like going to a restaurant you've been to 1000 times and getting something similar everytime. Might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but (most of the time) I won't be disappointed.

  • Fox Pro
    Fox Pro 9 months ago+1

    Always impress with S-Pen since Note (1) introduced.