A Game You Can Never Win

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Vsauce2
    Vsauce2  11 months ago+4498

    HI THERE, YOU. I took the summer off to write a book. I was able to get 10 chapters finished, looked at the calendar, and realized it was time to get back to you. So I'm back. Hello. I will work on the book during weekends until it's finished. For now, expect more videos, more frequently. And as always... thanks for commenting.

  • n2l cr
    n2l cr 10 months ago+1893

    Me : i bid 1 dollar
    Billy : 5 dollar
    Me: im broke you win

  • jimmy fox
    jimmy fox 5 months ago+1174

    Lol I did this with my friends but they took my $100 and beat me up lol it was awesome

  • Jan Trojnar
    Jan Trojnar 2 months ago+495

    1: bid 10$
    2: tell your friend not to bid
    3: split the won 100$ in half

  • Jedi Scum
    Jedi Scum 6 months ago+1157

    Shipping cost: $1000

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago+276

    Man takes control over the entire economy with a $100 bill

  • G҉h҉o҉s҉t
    G҉h҉o҉s҉t 5 months ago+473

    Bold of you to assume I can bid over $20

  • Andrew Chabot
    Andrew Chabot 2 months ago+166

    Me: $99 on my first bid
    Billy: has no reason to place a bid
    Me: wins $1

  • Wubba dubba Dub dub
    Wubba dubba Dub dub 6 months ago+404

    A game you can never win

  • Jai Garg
    Jai Garg 5 months ago+165

    Bro I just conducted this auction. Bill gates and Jeff Bezos were there. I earned 2millon dollars

  • Rauv
    Rauv 5 months ago+457

    Actually the solution is simple :

  • Lisa X
    Lisa X 2 months ago+73

    Kevin: hey! Want $100 for just $1?
    Billy: I’ll give you $5!
    Me: * knocks Billy out *

  • FBI
    FBI 4 months ago+50

    It's funny that you think someone is gonna play it in the first place.

  • khan 1992
    khan 1992 2 months ago+42

    if billy is your friend agree to split it 51-49
    if billy bids $2, you don't talk to billy anymore

  • TheDivineChaos
    TheDivineChaos 10 months ago+1102

    I have never heard of paying your losing bid.

  • Shubhang Jain
    Shubhang Jain 3 months ago+21

    Simplest way to win :
    Get into an agreement with Billy
    My bid : 10$
    Billy : 20$
    I lose..Billy gets 80$
    Split it up (Both make profit)
    The dealer loses✌🏻.

  • Kevin Meer
    Kevin Meer 5 months ago+15

    Are there any auctions where bidders pay if they don't win? I can't think of one. Maybe a raffle or the dating world.

  • DxstinyBTW
    DxstinyBTW 5 months ago+57

    Triple H was right!!

  • Minion Edifier
    Minion Edifier 4 months ago+42

    Can't tell if he's flexing on the haters lol

  • Say&Said
    Say&Said 3 months ago+22

    Just get your two most competitive friends and your set.