Seahawks vs. Bears Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2018



  • Matthew
    Matthew 11 months ago+881

    the browns have a better record than the seahawks right now

    ITZz DOOKIE 11 months ago+732

    Who else think the bears got hella better

  • Dane Amann
    Dane Amann 11 months ago+306

    Russell Wilson is the new Andrew Luck. Carries his team as far as he can take them while his coach and management let him get beat to a pulp.

  • coasterman20
    coasterman20 11 months ago+435

    RIP Seattle Bandwagon 2012-2018

  • The Finnisher
    The Finnisher 11 months ago+320

    Can we point out these announcers? These guys are some amazing commentators. I want them on every game.

  • Big drew
    Big drew 11 months ago+761

    I personally feel bad for Russell Wilson this franchise need to give him some elite receivers and offense line

  • Max Cherkasskikh
    Max Cherkasskikh 11 months ago+152

    So painful to watch for Wilson.

  • 57Bruso
    57Bruso 11 months ago+584

    Raiders incredibly stupid for not paying Mack

  • The NERO
    The NERO 11 months ago+252

    This Bears defense looks scary man. They out there playing like hyenas....

  • Montaque Jones
    Montaque Jones 11 months ago+190

    If your team is in the NFC North do not sleep on these Bears.

  • The Good Note
    The Good Note 11 months ago+1376

    Seahawks aren't the same anymore.

  • Sean Hoke
    Sean Hoke 11 months ago+132

    All they need is for Turbisky to tighten up his passes, and the Bears are going to be lethal.

  • Ace
    Ace 11 months ago+279

    I’m sorry, but bears jersey #23 should be retired; that number brought way too many memories in soldier field.

  • Ddon Garrison
    Ddon Garrison 11 months ago+18

    On behalf of all of Chicago..we thank u Jon gruden..

  • Comment Warrior
    Comment Warrior 11 months ago+40

    love the bears d they won me a fantasy game I was down 20 all I had was the bears d and they scored 22.

  • G-Dub 85
    G-Dub 85 11 months ago+347

    Mack literally looks like a grizzly bear. That jersey fits him perfectly

  • lamasizzy05
    lamasizzy05 11 months ago+46

    I miss the true Legion of Boom Seahawks. That 2012-2014 team was legendary. They were a once in a generation defense.

  • RC Headhuncho
    RC Headhuncho 11 months ago+37

    Not A Bears Fan But I Like Mack & Its Good To See Him Doing Well In Chicago Looks Like He Injected The Confidence You Guys Needed To Be A Threat In The NFC Again. I Like What The Bears Are Doing. Hopefully My Saints Can Get Our Rematch From 06’

  • Rolex Collector
    Rolex Collector 11 months ago+38

    Should have ran that ball 🏈

  • Christopher Duncan
    Christopher Duncan 11 months ago+23

    Seahawks are done this year and the Bears taking steps forward to win again. The rest of the NFC is watching Mac and Trubisky, regardless the best player in the NFC North was Aaron Rogers. This Khalil Mack guy continue his dominance you looking at maybe the defensive player of the year and MVP in the same player. #beast#manchild