What's inside a LifeStraw?



  • Mei Grafd Vodder
    Mei Grafd Vodder 8 months ago+1402

    Drinks water that is 99.9% clean
    Dies of 0.1% impurities

  • Jay Vissy
    Jay Vissy 1 months ago+48

    Them: What's inside a Lifestraw?
    Me: A straw?

  • Kaden Ruud Kakaka
    Kaden Ruud Kakaka 10 months ago+402

    When he said slurpjuice I swear I actually killed myself

  • Gavin Ford
    Gavin Ford 8 months ago+88

    8:19 trypophobia warning

  • TricksterBullet !
    TricksterBullet ! 10 months ago+1575

    It’s supposed to filter out the bacteria not make it taste like water

  • Headset Squirrel
    Headset Squirrel 8 months ago+146

    0:00 What about the third world?

  • AmyArmstrong0404
    AmyArmstrong0404 yesterday

    Y’all are my favorite YouTube channel y’all always have made my day so much better

  • misterbodine
    misterbodine 9 months ago+47

    i was making something, and i had to type in france as you were saying the slurp juice part...
    i wrote down fortnite...
    1 like = 1 dollar for my therapy...

  • Its Emzyy
    Its Emzyy 5 months ago+45

    8:19 all the people who have Trypophobia have left the chat or are triggered

  • Bxto Cxrlos
    Bxto Cxrlos 10 months ago+634

    Only works with “dirty water” not flavored drinks

  • Jeff Snow
    Jeff Snow 9 months ago+264

    They cut it open at 6:40
    Your welcome

  • Ur mom Is gay
    Ur mom Is gay 2 months ago+12

    No one:
    Son:(this lifestraw sucks)wink wink

  • Squirel
    Squirel 3 months ago+34

    At 4:47 I laughed so freaking hard

  • M7 Portal
    M7 Portal 2 months ago+8

    Umm he sounds way younger in this

  • Ben Allen
    Ben Allen 11 months ago+757

    I wonder what the channel is gonna be like when Lincoln hits puberty 😂😂

  • johan Van Wambeke
    johan Van Wambeke 28 days ago+1

    Manufacturing: Just make the filter-straws longer and slice them off all at once. Making it perfectly flush.

  • Erick Gouw
    Erick Gouw 10 months ago+1

    that's save your life when u Stuck at somewhere .
    u can use the LifeStraw to get emergency water from urine :D
    just can't filter bacteria maybe .

  • Miss Timothy
    Miss Timothy 7 days ago+1

    I take 15 seconds to drink a chug jug in fortnite

  • Eda Dirtbike
    Eda Dirtbike 6 months ago+1

    Lincoln is a pepsiphobe confirmed

  • Kketansa Art
    Kketansa Art 11 months ago+203

    THE TRUTH is The bottled juices that you tried are solutions with disolvable ingredients totally homogenised in them. The river water, sewer water, mud water found in nature, are waters with suspended particles in it, which can be easily filtered by this straw.