Learn how Marvel Comics are made and tour MoPOP | This Week In Marvel

  • Published on:  9/7/2018
  • This Week In Marvel host Ryan Penagos, a.k.a. Agent M, travels to the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle to talk with Ben Saunders, the MARVEL: Universe of Super Heroes Exhibit’s Chief Curator, writer Seanan McGuire, and artist Clayton Crain, about how Marvel comics were made both in the past and today.

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  • Arin Ray
    Arin Ray 2 months ago

    Anyone noticed Spidey waving in the background at 1:45?

  • Happy Camper
    Happy Camper 3 months ago

    Were you pressed for time in these interviews? You seemed rushed, except when talking with Seanan McGuire, where you seemed content with just rambling on and not letting her, the person you are interviewing, speak. I almost cried from laughter when you said "Yeah, that's cool." in the last interview super hurriedly and just ended the segment, like a kid who's bored and wants to go home. That being said I'm still interested in the exhibit, and more interested in having a long conversation with Seanan McGuire, she seems really cool, maybe we'll get to hear from her sometime.

  • junior ruiz
    junior ruiz 3 months ago

    Nothing they've made in the last 5 years will ever be important enough to hang-up or bring into the MCU

  • loved012one
    loved012one 3 months ago

    3:39 IMO, this guy's sloppy half-tucked shirt really detracts from his professionalism and credibility. Please either tuck it all in or leave it out.

  • Taylan Torun
    Taylan Torun 3 months ago


    MAD_ JIM_JASPERS_123 3 months ago

    Nice. More comics please.

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous 3 months ago

    Captain Marvel trailer please

  • travel travel
    travel travel 3 months ago

    Done Bro, sub back pls

  • Akash Tambe
    Akash Tambe 3 months ago

    Marvel pls release captain marvel teaser or trailer

  • Le Titan Fou
    Le Titan Fou 3 months ago

    Trailer ?

  • A7711 gaming
    A7711 gaming 3 months ago

    Marvel pls bring back ironman animated adventures i beg you

  • Babji E. Manohar
    Babji E. Manohar 3 months ago

    *Please make as many Cameos as possible with Stan Lee for future films for at least a century full of marvel movies in advance assuming a hero or villan in the scenes and can add them in future movies edited*

  • ScrapDraws
    ScrapDraws 3 months ago

    You’re shirt has a design by skottie young on it!

  • Maicon Dos Santos
    Maicon Dos Santos 3 months ago+1

    Bom Marvel, bem que você podia voltar a investir no desenho do Homem-Aranha de 2008, fazer uma terceira temporada, por que foi a melhor série de desenho do Homem-Aranha que já existiu.

  • ash
    ash 3 months ago

    i wonder if any kind of royalties go to the artists who's artworks are on display :(

  • jaybolt
    jaybolt 3 months ago

    So fascinating.

  • Hulk Smash!
    Hulk Smash! 3 months ago+5

    First get a really bad cheap writer to throw in a lot of politically correct crap, second get a really bad cheap artist. The rest is even less consequential. Then print with a crappy printer on crappy paper and sell that crap under the Marvel name. (didn't use to be this way)

  • Alba Rojas
    Alba Rojas 3 months ago

    Thais kind of videos make me happy

  • 김준서
    김준서 3 months ago


  • DJSiQRiQ
    DJSiQRiQ 3 months ago

    @ 5:33 LMFAO - "Yeah that's really cool" (Could you be more obvious you don't give a shit)