Rescuers Got A Call About A Sick And Starving Dog, But What They Found Wasn’t What They Expected

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Dede Dinah 9 months ago

    Thank you for saving her, she's beautiful.

  • Una Roberts 9 months ago

    Awww Best wishes to Julia! Stay Safe & God bless 🤗😇

  • Natalia Fisher 9 months ago

    She is so beautiful after everything awwwww German shephard husky 💜

  • Cheryl Sawka 9 months ago

    Poor baby. Thank you for helping this beautiful dog. I love dogs and cats.

  • Egypt * 9 months ago

    Love these happy ending stories 💕✌😃 thanks for sharing 👍👍💜

  • D Yard 9 months ago

    In 2009 I fostered and a year later rescued a Wolf hybrid in similar condition, the situation was dire for her but she survived , and bonded with me The truth is this girl rescued me with her love. Saved my life on 2 occasions. We were blessed with her presence until January 12 2017 when very unexpectedly she passed, she truly was a gift to us from creation. Her name was Leona

  • Annie Carrawell 8 months ago

    Same sex marrages

  • Monkey 420 8 months ago

    If you watched the whole thing, it turned out to be just a dog. I like your story though. I've had similar experiences with my dogs

  • Sam Newell 9 months ago

    Beautiful dog. Glad she got a forever home. Blessings from Jesus Christ for saving her and the ones who took her in forever.

  • Cecilia Torres 9 months ago

    Hope for paws fans where you at!!😆😆😆

  • Shadowfox HD 8 months ago

    Over here

  • Noe Marrero 9 months ago


  • Kerry S 9 months ago

    I have tears of happiness for💜💜💜 Julia 💜💜💜she found her Forever Home💖💖💖 and the Happy Ending she so so so very very very much deserves. Julia is so Beautiful, I can tell she's a loving, sweet dog XXXOOO

  • Diana Dobson 9 months ago

    Poor little puppy thank God you helped her this made me cry people are monsters

  • Carpe Diem 7 months ago

    Yes,Diana,sadly and tragically many are and the only comfort i take is in those who haven't forsaken their feelings of love and compassion.I'm a 72 year disabled veteran of two wars and even in the midst of the devastation of war i witnessed great acts of compassion because as the song says, "somewhere in the darkest night,a candle glows" . May you all have a happy,safe Thanksgiving!

  • Shirley Sundack 7 months ago

    Diana Dobs