Rescuers Got A Call About A Sick And Starving Dog, But What They Found Wasn’t What They Expected

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Cecilia Torres
    Cecilia Torres 11 months ago+48

    Hope for paws fans where you at!!😆😆😆

  • Dede Dinah
    Dede Dinah 11 months ago+13

    Thank you for saving her, she's beautiful.

  • D Yard
    D Yard 11 months ago+29

    In 2009 I fostered and a year later rescued a Wolf hybrid in similar condition, the situation was dire for her but she survived , and bonded with me The truth is this girl rescued me with her love. Saved my life on 2 occasions.
    We were blessed with her presence until January 12 2017 when very unexpectedly she passed,
    she truly was a gift to us from creation. Her name was Leona

  • Diana Dobson
    Diana Dobson 11 months ago+38

    Poor little puppy thank God you helped her this made me cry people are monsters

  • Cheryl Sawka
    Cheryl Sawka 11 months ago+16

    Poor baby. Thank you for helping this beautiful dog. I love dogs and cats.

  • Cody Call
    Cody Call 11 months ago+46

    Poor dog! People are evil.

  • Natalia Fisher
    Natalia Fisher 11 months ago+19

    She is so beautiful after everything awwwww German shephard husky 💜

  • Sam Newell
    Sam Newell 11 months ago+10

    Beautiful dog. Glad she got a forever home. Blessings from Jesus Christ for saving her and the ones who took her in forever.

  • Egypt *
    Egypt * 11 months ago+14

    Love these happy ending stories 💕✌😃 thanks for sharing 👍👍💜

  • roast me
    roast me 11 months ago+37

    I love dogs, whoever hurt that dog is rude and have no respect for animals!!!!!
    We should treat dogs respectfully because dogs are a mans best friend and companion that are beutiful creatures!!!! And shouldn't be treated so harshly!!!!

    Awaken ASLEEP SHEEP 11 months ago+18

    WOW JULIA IS GORGEOUS! Thank GOD for those that stepped in and saved her life. May they and theirs BE BLESSED!🙏❤🇺🇸

  • Kerry S
    Kerry S 11 months ago+10

    I have tears of happiness for💜💜💜 Julia 💜💜💜she found her Forever Home💖💖💖 and the Happy Ending she so so so very very very much deserves. Julia is so Beautiful, I can tell she's a loving, sweet dog XXXOOO

  • Occam's Razor
    Occam's Razor 11 months ago+6

    Thank you for saving that fur person.

  • Carole Roseburgh
    Carole Roseburgh 11 months ago+7

    She turned out to be a beautiful animal ☺

    Awaken ASLEEP SHEEP 11 months ago+8


  • DR. SOLO
    DR. SOLO 10 months ago+6

    A dreamer, a dreamer is what I'm often called. A world full of kind people like this is in the near future. I guess a statement like that could possibly invoke such a response. But I truly believe that's possible and going to happen.
    Imagine if we all did?

  • Penny Parks
    Penny Parks 11 months ago+4

    She's beautiful. God bless those who saved her

  • Una Roberts
    Una Roberts 11 months ago+32

    Best wishes to Julia! Stay Safe & God bless 🤗😇

  • Long Drive
    Long Drive 11 months ago+12

    To bad abusers are rarely prosecuted. I don’t know how people can sleep at night. Good job.

  • Deloris M Threet
    Deloris M Threet 11 months ago+7

    Poor baby! I like to take those who abused little Julia and others like her and put something on them (the abusers) that Ajax could never take off!.. Thank you for saving sweet beautiful Julia and other's like her!!💋👍👍