Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Dodge Hellcat Part 12



  • buttheadgsxr1000
    buttheadgsxr1000 17 hours ago

    You guys should have painted the rear bumper cover separately just like you did the front. The rear bumper cover is going to be glued on with that paint and you won't have a clear joint between the cover and rear fender. Not OEM.

  • Ron Pasa
    Ron Pasa 7 days ago

    Nice paint job man

  • Paul Lynch
    Paul Lynch 9 days ago

    you should have kept the Mad Max look!!! LOL! :)

  • john94si
    john94si 12 days ago

    Always have the engine @ idle running when you wash the engine down. No problems then

  • philoconnor1
    philoconnor1 13 days ago

    Love the work you guys do,top notch👌👌Is that a Volvo truck in the background?What's the story with that?

  • MrDeniw
    MrDeniw 16 days ago

    How much do they pay in damaged cars? How much are they worth when they are finished?

  • 1971player
    1971player 28 days ago

    As a manufacture of alternators and starters for 17 years, here to say a little water will not hurt the alternator.

  • no name
    no name 29 days ago

    not being a dick but someone needs to show you guys how to use a spray gun and paint the car properly. The technique you are using is not the way it should really be done

  • Greg Carter
    Greg Carter a months ago

    I heard if you wash the alternater it would look new

  • Josue Serrano
    Josue Serrano 1 months ago

    Yea just depends! Lol

  • Scottie Stewart
    Scottie Stewart 1 months ago

    I dont get why they did not do the roof?

  • Habil Cool
    Habil Cool 1 months ago

    Can I borrow ur corvette (forever)

  • Guhonter
    Guhonter 1 months ago

    the roof looked so unsanded for the entire process, my OCD kicked in real hard.
    EDIT: 8:43 finally it gets addressed. Major relieve :)

  • Denmartube
    Denmartube 1 months ago

    Hi Guys this is Peter from the UK, Just found you guys on Youtube while looking for information on my 1978 C3 Corvette and watched the Corvette and Hellcat rebuilds back to back, over the last two nights. Great channel kept it coming.

  • allsam18
    allsam18 1 months ago

    why they never paint the roof ?

  • MsLeelee94
    MsLeelee94 1 months ago

    I need my 2012 Jeep Sahara unlimited Painted Silver!!

  • Rhetorical Answer
    Rhetorical Answer 1 months ago

    This showed up in my feed after simply talking about it in a room with my phone sitting on the table discussing this car (not on the phone). Screw you, you bunch of spying a*holes.

  • twroebu
    twroebu 1 months ago

    Really enjoy your videos you guys! What are your thoughts on doing like a classic car build? With your talent I believe there is nothing but great things in your future.

  • Viking 2121
    Viking 2121 2 months ago

    Alternator go bad from power washing? People don't realize when driving in rain, the alternator normally gets soaked anyway, I can see the bearing going bad after a few years, and that happens, my truck caught fire for this reason, though that alternator has been on that truck for nearly 200,000 miles, been in tornado weather, threw mild floods.

  • david lee
    david lee 2 months ago

    Damn there is a lot of dirt in that clear on the quarter panel that you guys fixed... I get cleaner results spraying cars in my driveway