Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic's MAJOR Beauty Stash | Harper's BAZAAR

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • You might know him as Kim Kardashian's loyal makeup artist. Maybe you know him as @MakeupByMario on Instagram. Or maybe you know Mario Dedivanovic as the man behind our modern obsession with highlighting and contouring. Arguably one of the biggest and most influential makeup artists of all time, Dedivanovic has spent decades delicately painting the faces of celebrities and then turning around and teaching all of us how to recreate the look through tutorials and his global Masterclass series. So you can imagine that his personal makeup collection is...large. Very, very large.In this episode of #TheBeautyShow, Dedivanovic let BAZAAR visit his New York City home to get a tour of his beauty stash—including his makeup closet, cologne collection, Yeezy shoe wall, and medicine cabinet. But his stash of products is so big that it actually starts in a storage room, where thousands of items are sent to him every month from beauty brands all over the globe. It's there that they're sorted and organized by his assistants, and only the essential products for his kit come home with him. You can shop all of Mario's go-to products here: to Harper's Bazaar:


  • Harper's BAZAAR
    Harper's BAZAAR  11 months ago+476

    Whose beauty stash would you like to see featured next? Dream makeup artists, hair stylists, etc. Sound off below!

  • Elma Se
    Elma Se 11 months ago+5289

    Just me, or does she remind me of Anastasia from 50 shades?

  • Channel 12345
    Channel 12345 11 months ago+3467

    I actually cringed when she picked stuff up without his permission and dropped it and stuff

  • George Schirra
    George Schirra 10 months ago+4072

    I wonder if he’s tired of that title... “Kim Kardashian’s makeup-artist” 😑

  • camila rodas
    camila rodas 11 months ago+3143

    I couldn’t concentrate on anything other, than her touching everything and snatching things out of his hands.

  • Amal Krishna
    Amal Krishna 10 months ago+953

    Mario: Uses 6 beautyblenders for one application
    Me: Uses 1 beautyblender for 16 products

  • Millennials Travels
    Millennials Travels 11 months ago+1214

    Is anyone else cringing at how much she’s touching everything?

  • jotam J
    jotam J 11 months ago+1124

    He’s so handsome and seems like such a sweetheart!

  • nat43
    nat43 11 months ago+1467

    sorry but i find it so irritating that the reporter wants to touch and hold everything

  • selena
    selena 11 months ago+674

    “Well you have the hookup”
    Awkward silence lmaoooo

  • m a r i c r i s
    m a r i c r i s 10 months ago+96

    Omg stop touching everything and grabbing shit out of his hand! He’s clearly annoyed, but too kind to say it. This reminds me of the Jaclyn Hill annoying Kim K video.

  • Lilian Fernandez
    Lilian Fernandez 11 months ago+588

    He totally has makeup artist hands , look at how delicate his hand movements are . He’s truly an inspiration .

  • Gabby jay
    Gabby jay 10 months ago+232

    Is it me or did anyone else get so annoyed on how every time he picked something up or held something she had to take it out of his hands and hold it herself for 3 seconds I truly have no idea why I noticed it or why it drove me absolutely insane !!!!! Lmao LIKE GIRL LET HIM SHOW YOU AND DO HIS THING YOU DONT NEED TO TOUCH AND HOLD EVERY SINGLE ITEM HE DID SHEEEESHHH ! love him tho !

  • zharia ashley
    zharia ashley 10 months ago+296

    I’ve been annoyed this whole vid bc she like is toooooo grabby

  • Marcella Carranza
    Marcella Carranza 11 months ago+188

    I reallyyyyy wish she would have asked more informative questions...which products are his top go to’s and why he uses them? etc.

  • yelena xo
    yelena xo 11 months ago+309

    Why does she keep trying to grab the stuff from his hands😂

  • Ameliaa C
    Ameliaa C 10 months ago+134

    Major anxiety from that hand of hers that waits to grab every single skin/makeup product he owns aiejdnekenrn

  • Noor S
    Noor S 6 months ago+106

    producer: make sure to touch everything
    Interviewer: Say no more

  • Isabella Markovinovic
    Isabella Markovinovic 3 months ago+36

    I honestly live for the fact that his go to mascara is a $9 one from L’Oréal

  • Dracarys
    Dracarys 11 months ago+176

    Can he not just be “Celebrity Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic” or