PRETENDING TO BE STUDENTS FOR 24 HOURS! (crashed student party)

  • Published on:  12/29/2017
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  a years ago+1339

    Hey all you beautiful people :) Just wanna pop in and say we love you all. Come join us on Instagram for daily updates, meet-up info and behind the scenes @YesTheory ❤️ you all have an epic day 🤙

  • Nick Tokar
    Nick Tokar a years ago+4705

    When Ammar stood up to address the whole class, my anxiety just skyrocketed.

  • Bea !!
    Bea !! a years ago+5169

    1:56 “anthropology of snakes in the cold weather”
    The study of human societies and cultures and their development

  • Kailee Walters
    Kailee Walters 9 months ago+1227

    "I don't have any friends"
    "Now you have one"

  • Nick Tokar
    Nick Tokar a years ago+3184

    I was sad that this video had to Finnish.

    LUIS CALLEJO a years ago+3244

    Thomas: hi I'm Thomas
    Tommy: Tommy
    Thomas: T t Thomas
    Tommy: Tommy

  • inspirepaul
    inspirepaul a years ago+7594

    „Now you have a friend“
    This was so nice 😱😊

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment 9 months ago+879

    People don’t go around asking ARE YOU A STUDENT?

  • felpshehe
    felpshehe a years ago+1350

    Anthropology of snakes in cold weather. Let's break it down ...
    Anthropology is the study of human societies. Snakes are cold blooded, there are none in cold weather since they would just die.
    So, you're studying human-snake hybrids that ventured too far north and are now dead because of hypothermia.(?)
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOVED IT it's so stupid it sounds smart

  • Sabrina Sona
    Sabrina Sona a years ago+1568

    I'm studying the business of snake farming... hahaha I can't!

  • Kathleen Beirne
    Kathleen Beirne a years ago+1446

    I study the business of um sss snake farming. There is so much wrong with that sentence. LMFAOOOOO

  • Jessi Woodruff
    Jessi Woodruff 9 months ago+515

    I cringed every time that dude said, "I study snakes in the cold weather." Omg😂

  • Milja R
    Milja R 9 months ago+120

    Yall crashed my lecture and I didn’t even realize 😂😂 found this video by accident. Cool dudes, nice work

  • Multi gamers club
    Multi gamers club a years ago+630

    “I’m an exange student for 24 hour”

  • mandyhaswifi
    mandyhaswifi 9 months ago+431

    Thomas and snakes in cold weather... Name a better duo... I'll wait

  • Nicole Gonzales
    Nicole Gonzales a years ago+699

    Damn that guy who helped you join a party is SO FINE 😍

  • Jim Roberts
    Jim Roberts a years ago+570

    Anthropology of snakes in cold weather 😂... anthropology is the study of human history (anthropology = human)

  • Duda Gomes
    Duda Gomes 7 months ago+82

    *has to come up with some fake study topic*
    me: okay i’m studying business
    thomas: i’m studying the anthropology of snakes in cold weather

  • Hanrye
    Hanrye a years ago+198

    I just somehow love to see foreigner's perspective of how awkwards us, Finns are 😂🇫🇮

    xGMASTERGx a years ago+401

    why did that uni look like ikea?