Full Game Recap: Bucks vs Rockets | Giannis and Harden Record Monster Double-Doubles

  • Published on:  1/9/2019


  • Muzammil Hussain 5 months ago

    1:07 wtf was that

  • FairyTail lover 5 months ago

    a free B

  • Flippy 117 5 months ago

    neirad537 you keep saying this everywhere... you literally don’t know what a gather step is... by your application players are all just going to palm the ball and gather the ball really slowly and walk the full court.

  • Nathan McMullen 5 months ago

    Bruh he really threw the ball right in hardens face*Edit, 7:30

  • Paul Peters 5 months ago

    “From one MVP to another...”

  • Cash Kesse 5 months ago

    7:31 The best defense play Harden had this whole game

  • Rockets Fan 5 months ago

    Cash Kesse I’m a rockets fan but that shit was funny

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo 5 months ago

    Im MVP no questions about it.

  • ExoticPizza 5 months ago

    @EMKA _ averaged 20+ in the three years and gonna be a three time all star three years in a row

  • ExoticPizza 5 months ago

    @Quentin Coberley doesn't really need a shot averaging 28 without one so...

  • sports_girl 5 months ago

    7:32 you're welcomeEDIT: put it in 0.25x speed, it's even better.

  • KDA 5 months ago

    GreenBayPackersGirl just what I needed to see

  • Hz 5 months ago

    GreenBayPackersGirl 😆

  • J TheGoat  5 months ago

    3:53 WTF did he just say

  • KDA 5 months ago

    J TheGoat yooooooooo that’s sus

  • KDA 5 months ago

    J TheGoat hold up

  • 1:09 bruh James Harden traveled lamo

  • Vaughn Cameron 5 months ago

    So whats the verdict here ? He travled or no

  • KnightingShadows 5 months ago

    none name Nigga I get travels called on me even when it is two steps

  • Bo Rood 5 months ago

    Bucks have now beaten every elite team in the league with ease. Most of them on the road too.

  • Lil BRAZY KHY 3 months ago

    @Alan Brown barely*

  • Lil BRAZY KHY 3 months ago

    @Alan Brown yall are bary elite

  • Mark 5 months ago

    It pains my basketball-loving soul that there are people who genuinely believe that Harden didn't travel at 1:07. Heaven help us

  • FairyTail lover 5 months ago

    3 *steps* mmmmmmm lmao

  • Mac Daddy 5 months ago

    3 steps isnt a travel if you use the last step driving to the basket.

  • Clay Thomas 5 months ago

    Harden travels like a mofo at 1:10

  • StarlitShadows 5 months ago

    @J Clouth 😂 I'm waiting for him to moonwalk to the basket next. Then flop and get the call even though everyone is just standing around in completely shock.

  • Hz 5 months ago

    Clay Thomas 😂😂😂