Build Three - Story Villa House And Swimming Pool With Water Slide By Ancient Skills (full video)



  • ȺɌȼ• YURI008
    ȺɌȼ• YURI008 6 months ago+200

    alguém em 2019 BR

  • Antonio Jacome
    Antonio Jacome 5 months ago+49

    Yo también habló en español porque no me sé de otro idioma x

    LA POLILLA KAWAII :3 7 months ago+302

    Think about going to a jungle and anything you see are random pools and houses in mid of nowhere

  • Fran gamer
    Fran gamer 6 months ago+240

    Soy el unico que habla español like si tu tambien

  • NICE CAVALCANTE Nice teles

    Lindo esse trabalho deles👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Dalton Fitch
    Dalton Fitch 7 months ago+93

    Wow i just find it amazing how they manage to charge their camera, edit their videos ,and upload them. Im sure they made their own power grid with internet out of mud right boiz.

  • Joseph Behney
    Joseph Behney 6 months ago+1

    how do they know if the sticks will support them

  • one truth
    one truth 6 months ago+1

    What can't you men do??

  • KirkLand Subscribe to me pls

    Celebritys who are famous for building be like when their stuck in a jungle

  • Mckenzie Lachapelle
    Mckenzie Lachapelle 6 months ago+2

    1:46 -1:55 with my luck I’ll probably end up falling off the logs or The logs falling or the log snapping

  • Primitive Jungle Lifeskills

    I really want to learn from you. Good job man! Keep going!

  • lisa starves
    lisa starves 7 months ago+7

    I think.. these guys are sick of paying the rent so it came down to this.. why not man.. i thinking of DOING the same.. THING man..

  • lemony gaming
    lemony gaming 7 months ago+2

    This is sick and ace it’s the best thing ever I’ve never seen anything like it I’m gonna show this to my friends

  • Patricio Salas
    Patricio Salas 7 months ago+8

    Hagan. Una. Alberca. Con tiburones

  • EST RET por EL Trollano 3000

    No ay ningun mexicano

  • Ashlynn Fitzgerald
    Ashlynn Fitzgerald 6 months ago+45

    And I’m sitting in my house eating bacon
    Nice job guys.

  • Gleicimara Dias
    Gleicimara Dias 2 months ago+1

    E. Ome. Mu

  • Maxzedn
    Maxzedn 7 months ago+110

    Rule one of the channel: No shirt no shoes no problem
    Rule two of the channel:You’re banned if there isn’t a pool
    Rule three of the channel:no shovels

  • ыuэяaspьэяяy
    ыuэяaspьэяяy 28 days ago+1

    Your videos are always amazing, what you build is amazing as well!

  • Ros Cambry
    Ros Cambry 5 months ago+21

    Me encanta es muy padre