Errol Spence vs Mikey Garcia Highlights Recap

  • Published on:  3/16/2019
  • Errol Spence vs Mikey Garcia highlights recap. Spence vs Garcia for the championship of the world. Ibf welterweight championship of the world, two guys in their prime, Errol Spence, the bigger Errol Spence against Mikey Garcia. Garcia jumped up two weight classes for this matchup. Round 1 We see Errol Spence come out and immediately start pumping the jab. Both fighters try to feel each other out for most of the first round but spence is able to land more effectively. Spence was touching Garcia with more shots. 1-0 spence . Round 2
    We see Garcia come out more aggressive but Spence is able to still touch him more with the jab. Spence is really pumping the jab through the first 2 rounds and its effective. 2-0 Spence. Round 3
    Spence is able to land a couple solid shots to the head. That is enough to win round 3 for Spence. 3-0 Spence. Garcia can seem to get off at this point. Round 4. Spence is throwing multiple jabs, 2,3,4 at a time. When he isn’t landing the jab up the middle, he is wrapping the hook around the gloves. A beautiful performance by Spene so far. 4-0 spence. Round 5 Garcia seems to realize that spence is too long and he is going to have to get inside because he is getting picked apart with the jab. Garcia is really struggling on the offensive end. 5-0 spence. Round 6 Spence comes out aggressive and punishes Garcia with some powerful shots. Garcia keeps pushing forward but he’s getting hit hard. Spence is throwing the straight jab and then hooking the left when Garcia tries to defend the jab. Spence in complete control 6-0 spence. Round 7, we need to see Garcia start taking chances at this point. Through 6 rounds spence has landed 148 vs Garcia’s 44. Round 7 is a close round that I still gave to spence. 7-0 spence Round 8 is spence picking apart Garcia with the jab and shots from the outside. Spence 8-0 Round 9 Spence is absolutely dominating at this point.. I thought round 9 would be the end as spence is landing at will. 9-0 spence . After 9 rounds spence has landed 245 punches while Garcia has landed 56. Round 10
    Spence comes out landing heavy shots to the body and head. Spence is putting on a clinic. I thought that Robert Garcia should have called an end to it this round. He got him with some big shots.

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