4 Fat-Free Desserts You Won't Regret • Tasty

  • Published on:  5/28/2019
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  • wellimeantosaywhat 1 months ago

    fat free...with coconut oil and whipped cream, sure

  • #FruityIceCream 11 days ago

    Awwww man I'm on my diet and already ate one of these no wonder I'm gaining weight like a mad woman.

  • Jonathan Moore 13 days ago

    If your haters don’t watch this then

  • Muhammad Junaidu 1 months ago

    Tasty: “Fat free”*adds whipped cream and coconut oil*

  • Sophie Bailey 1 months ago

    And almond milk

  • vvanessaa 1 months ago

    fat free whip????

  • Andrea Oduber 1 months ago

    Finally a tasty video without 500 cups of sugar and a year's worth of cheese, amen 😩😩

  • MyAwesomeCovers Plus 1 months ago

    Andrea Oduber well the channel is called tasty not healthy

  • Estefanía 1 months ago

    It still is a lot of sugar

  • Jovana M. Vids 1 months ago

    It's not fat free if it contains coconut oil and chocolate but I appreciate it anywaysThank you so much for making this video❤️Edit: WOW thank you so much fo those likes

  • Jovana M. Vids 1 months ago

    Guys you can checkout my channel... If I want to 😌☺️

  • Shadow Princess 1 months ago

    @Luna Lovegood my mistake. Oops

  • fr i 1 months ago

    Fat free with coconut oil?

  • regina 1 months ago

    @*Uptown* damn ma it's got more saturated fats than butter or lard themselves but you do you I guess

  • *Uptown* 1 months ago

    regina yes, it is. You’ve simply been told the wrong things. Just like being told we NEED carbs as part of a “healthy” diet.

  • Bomi Komolafe 1 months ago

    Why hello there fellow people who want to become skinnier

  • ...I’m a stick! I want to lose weight! And here I am! No Idea why

  • GrandmasterofWin 1 months ago

    Don't avoid fat then. Cut out sugar and simple carbs.

  • Steven Matthews 1 months ago

    Fat free dessert but I am skinny how dare you do this begone demon.

  • hi hi 1 months ago

    Emilie Crain how tall r u? u don’t have to tell it if u don’t want to :)

  • hi hi 1 months ago

    Abby Faith how tall r u? u don’t have to answer tho :)

  • Burnt Kpop Nugget 1 months ago

    But i'll regret not being able to actually make them...

  • A Glass of Milk 1 months ago

    Im not gonna regret eting you chicken nugget,,

  • I know its hard being broke

  • Connie Charles 1 months ago

    Tasty: Fat free! Also tasty: *adds whipped cream*Me: wtf

  • Connie Charles 1 months ago

    @UnicornGachaXD 4692 lmfao

  • UnicornGachaXD 4692 1 months ago

    Connie Charles my life in a nutshell

  • .•*Hala Taibi*•. 1 months ago

    People that are fasting, where u at?

  • G 1 months ago


  • Gabrielė Mac 1 months ago

    .•*Hala Taibi*•. hi!