Freddie And Kelsey Play Truth Or Dare Jenga • Ladylike

  • Published on:  5/2/2018
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  • Andrea Ponce 1 years ago

    Kelsey’s like that one friend my mom always wanted me to stay away from 😂

  • Billie eilish Stan 24 days ago

    Andrea Ponce SAME😂

  • Magda R 4 months ago

    *Freddy’s bow almost destroys the Jenga tower*Kelsey: “FREDDY! Your hat!”Freddy: *Evil laughter*

  • Natalie Mejia 3 days ago

    Magda R wow you spelt Freddie wrong and it even says it in the title* SLAPS FOREHEAD *

  • Gregor Needham 1 years ago

    You two should do more videos together. The chemistry is insane here.

  • Alicia Torres 1 years ago

    Drunk jenga with Fred and Kelsey next time

  • Llama Claire 3 months ago

    @Michelle ‘ it would say in the title

  • LoLa Summers 1 years ago

    "YOU CHEATN LIL HOE" me to my best friend

  • Imagination Lord 1 years ago

    Can ladylike always be this open and funny and sexual please

  • Hayden B. 3 days ago

    no please

  • Sugary Sweets 3 months ago

    Sometimes there's kids watching this. I don't think LadyLike can do that

  • Kelsey should be apart of ladylike now

  • abc defg 1 months ago

    Ladylike is too vanilla for kelsey

  • absolute unit 1 years ago

    ‘I feel like this thing is as unstable as me’ - Kelsey

  • Turkey Sandwich 1 years ago

    "The devil's happened! It went inside my body!"

  • ABetterLady 1 years ago

    Freddie and Michael B Jordan would make a cute couple😍.

  • Sugary Sweets 3 months ago

    @Atari Mcfly yes it does it was a dare.

  • Atari Mcfly 3 months ago

    ABetterLady why are you talking about Michael Jordan and Fred that has nothing to do with the video