How to Cook a Turkey (KISS Method) |The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe | The Bearded Butchers

  • Published on:  10/30/2020
  • 🔥 Scott cooked this turkey at 350 F for 4 hours to 160 F internal temperature 🔥 Here's Scott's awesome flannel jacket

    Today, we're talking turkey. This is a super simple recipe that will feature our chipotle seasoning. There's just 3 steps:

    1) The all important turkey brine
    2) Turkey injection or turkey marinade
    3) How to cook turkey at home

    You HAVE to make sure that for this recipe, you buy a turkey that has not be pre-brined or injected. Look for "solution added", "enhanced", or "kosher" on the label for hints that the manufacturer injected it prior to you purchasing it. We're using a free range turkey that's farm fresh.

    We like to use 1 lb of salt for each gallon of water. For this video we used 2 gallons of cold water with 2 lb of salt added. It's not necessary at this ratio to heat the water to dissolve the salt, just be patient and stir it well.

    The rule of thumb to brine your turkey is about 1 hour per pound of bird. After the brine, remember to pat the bird dry with some paper towels.

    The 3 ingredients Scott uses for the turkey injection:

    1) Our own MAPLE SYRUP (supply is SUPER LIMITED)
    2) Butter - Combine the butter and maple syrup 1:1 and inject with
    3) Bearded Butcher Blend Chipotle Seasoning

    Next, the turkey goes on your smoker or grill of choice! Here's Scott's turkey rack

    6:52 We have something NEW on the way!

    24:34 How to carve a turkey 🦃 🔪

    🦃 If you're ready to prepare your own Thanksgiving turkey, here's the gear we recommend 🦃

    💉 Brine Injector

    🔪 - Bearded Butcher cutlery (including the 6" Victorinox Scott used)

    🧂 - Check out our new 6 packs of seasoning! 🧂

    🔪 Disposable cutting boards to keep things clean and safe

    🧤 Latex Free Food Prep Gloves

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