The Notebook Deleted Scene - Read It To Me (2004) - Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams Movie HD

  • Published on:  4/9/2014
  • Subscribe to TRAILERS: to COMING SOON: to EXTRAS: us on FACEBOOK: us on TWITTER: Notebook Deleted Scene - Read It To Me (2004) - Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams Movie HDThe movie focuses on an old man reading a story to an old woman in a nursing home. The story he reads follows two young lovers named Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun, who meet one evening at a carnival. But they are separated by Allie's parents who disapprove of Noah's unwealthy family, and move Allie away. After waiting for Noah to write her for several years, Allie meets and gets engaged to a handsome young soldier named Lon. Allie, then, with her love for Noah still alive, stops by Noah's 200-year-old home that he restored for her, "to see if he's okay". It is evident that they still have feelings for each other, and Allie has to choose between her fiancé and her first love.


  • Mioga Mellow
    Mioga Mellow 4 years ago+184

    Reading the comments but I'm glad they deleted this scene. It reveals too much and part of what makes the movie so beautiful is the moment at the end you realize "The story is about them! They are Noah and Allie!" And for those of you saying without the scene it doesn't make sense, in the end of the movie it shows the notebook "Read it to me and I'll get back to you." That's the most emotional and mind-blowing part of the film, imo.

  • Natalie Hdz
    Natalie Hdz 5 years ago+89

    They shouldn't have deleted this scene, it is actually very important for those who didn't read the book to understand why Noah reads the book to Allie... :/

  • A. Perez
    A. Perez 2 years ago+29

    That last part gave me a heart attack too!! Intense!!

  • Terminal Lumbago
    Terminal Lumbago 2 years ago+13

    They must have put the deleted scenes in the version they show on TV.

  • Redita Adenisty
    Redita Adenisty 3 years ago+32

    OMG!! they shouldn't deleted this sceeeennneee!!!

  • Samantha Johnson
    Samantha Johnson 4 years ago+8

    I wish they kept it I read the book but I will think it is important

  • GG Estoista
    GG Estoista a years ago+12

    The Notebook : Come back to you
    Somewhere in Time : Come back to me

  • I_AM Kinsta
    I_AM Kinsta a years ago+9

    Awe and she remembered that was great idea to write it all down

  • Trini Girl
    Trini Girl 2 days ago+1

    Why??.. this should have been left in the movie..!!

  • Cristal Mae Zapanta
    Cristal Mae Zapanta 5 years ago+11

    Why the heck did they deleted this part.?. Its kind of an important scene to.. Im this scene makes it all sense.. Well not the parr of this scene tho..

  • blesseddestiel
    blesseddestiel a years ago+11

    I remember seeing this when I watched on the tv version so maybe they only deleted on the movie?

  • FM_CSI0220
    FM_CSI0220 1 months ago+1

    Ok. My question has been answered. Thanks to this vids.
    But why they deleted this scene?
    this is the important Part of the old part of them.

  • Liane Cornils
    Liane Cornils 2 years ago+7

    My son Robbie is in need of his mothers love here. It's all waiting right here.

  • Kevin Ko
    Kevin Ko 5 months ago+3

    Ok not romantic but they could have recorded using a camcorder when Ali assigned the reading thing to him. Watching the video could have helped Ali remember or realize?

  • ZA
    ZA 2 months ago

    True love, two hearts and one soul. ❤❤

  • Maria Ines Andrade Alcantara

    Essa história de amor é 1000 VEZES melhor que a (droga) de Romeo e Julieta.

  • jessie situ
    jessie situ 3 years ago+3

    how we love ech other

  • Marlo Rice
    Marlo Rice 2 months ago

    That was beautiful what she told him on the porch.❤

  • octavia88
    octavia88 5 months ago+1

    So sad they cut this scene! That's why in the night the nurse tells him "take it easy you just had a heart attack" 😮

  • 120.4
    120.4 2 years ago+8

    this should have been in the movie