Steven Universe COMPLETE Story Explained! (Seasons 1-5 Recap)

  • Published on:  2/2/2019
  • Are you just jumping into Steven Universe, or looking for all the show’s major plot points? We’ve got all ya need to know. Get ready to jump into the world of the Crystal Gems right back at episode one. I’m Kris Carr, here’s your crash course in Steven Universe.#stevenuniverseSubscribe For More Obsev Now! ►►►►►►Check out our site: http://www.obsev.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on ROKU:


  • NerdWire
    NerdWire  6 months ago+277

    EXTRA CREDIT TIME! Watch our deep dive into the Gem War:

  • Mathilde Bruhn
    Mathilde Bruhn 6 months ago+2242

    I didn't find the episode "Escapism" that confusing; back in Watermelon Steven, Baby Melon sacrificed himself to stop the other melons from fighting, and Steven told them all to leave and not come back until they understand Baby Melon's sacrifice. We then see in Super Watermelon Island how the Watermelons have created a civilization around pacifism. Later on in the episode, Steven, in the body of one of the melons, rallies them all to fight against Malachite to protect their home and loved ones.
    In Escapism, we see the fallout of these actions; the Watermelon people have split into two societies, one focused on the memory of Baby Melon and pacifism, one focused on Steven rallying them to fight. Both tribes recognize Steven as the creator of their ideologies (telling them to understand Baby Melon's sacrifice, making them fight against Malachite) and the two tribe leaders each want Steven to join their tribe.
    Steven, however, doesn't care about any of it and just want to build a boat to get to Beach City. We then see how members of each tribe decide to stop their conflict and help Steven, and we see how symbols of power in both tribe are needed to complete the boat. This shows another message of the show; how both total pacifism and aggression are bad. You must be willing to stand up for and defend what you care about, but violence isn't always needed to do so. You need a balance between the two. The two sides can also be seen as representations of Steven's human and gem side and how, like we saw in Change Your Mind, Steven needs both parts.

  • Christy Tina
    Christy Tina 6 months ago+314

    You're doing a recap of the series, and don't know about the Watermelon Stevens? Season 1?

  • Andromeda Kai
    Andromeda Kai 6 months ago+635

    It's really annoying when people do recaps or reviews on shows they didn't watch.

  • Mutated Potato
    Mutated Potato 6 months ago+113

    Who wants some sugarlite

  • HotDogBoatMan
    HotDogBoatMan 6 months ago+101

    Its kinda wild how much this show has changed me as a person.

  • Haven Teran
    Haven Teran 6 months ago+661

    You just gonna skip how Jasper got corrupted

  • jay
    jay 1 months ago+55

    She called my guy greg a FLAKE and a wanna be rockstar, He gave up his music career for Rose that ain’t flakey tf

  • mr. explain
    mr. explain 6 months ago+64

    Who else has been here since S1

  • Croatoan
    Croatoan 6 months ago+73

    You can't tell the "COMPLETE" story because its not finished

  • Swift Fang
    Swift Fang 16 hours ago+1

    I wouldn't mind a full season 6 of just Steven and a bunch of the new healed gems doing gem stuff. More filler episodes, I guess?

  • Elizabeth Lives
    Elizabeth Lives 6 months ago+1458

    i don't understand the confusion at the watermelon steven episode in the 5th season bc the watermelon steven arch has been around for seasons ?

  • TheLovelyLadybug
    TheLovelyLadybug 6 months ago+31

    Steven Universe is beautiful and anyone who disagrees is wrong; change MY mind.

  • Psychotica
    Psychotica 6 months ago+45

    Did, you not watch the watermelon episodes? You sound like escapism was the first one when there were like 3.

  • Templarfreak
    Templarfreak 6 months ago+21

    That's a lot of context you're leaving out about the Watermelon Stevens.

  • Gay Boi
    Gay Boi 3 days ago+1

    Her: Now Time For Season 2
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  • John Harris
    John Harris 6 months ago+11

    The watermelons were in previous episodes! Island Adventure shows the island (Mask Island) before the watermelons show up. Watermelon Steven shows how they were originally made. Super Watermelon Island (with the fight against Malacite) shows watermelon culture developing, and Escapism shows, um, the watermelons learning how to build boats. Oh no Steven! You've shown them how to explore the world!

  • XxcoolGamerurTrashxx 1

    If all the main gemes merged... that would be insane

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    Coolio now I can watch the movie without binge watching!

  • Penn Penn
    Penn Penn yesterday

    I think pearl didn’t love love her, but she loved the freedom she’s given her and the hope that she can be her own self. She may have loved her like Greg but I think it was more like a love of who she is and what she’s done for her.