Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
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  • Maven Calore
    Maven Calore 11 months ago+2169

    eleven minutes of jenna being cermit level nervous

  • Louise C-M
    Louise C-M 3 months ago+1237

    'He just made land out of nothiiiing, he's like a volcano!'
    God bless this video and the woman who made it.

  • TheWasted TheWicked
    TheWasted TheWicked 3 months ago+4344

    Did you know that bob ross would read all the letters sent to him? You don’t believe me?
    He would read the letters enough to notice the people who sent them most often, and would write back. And if that doesn’t make you smile, whenever one of the frequent senders wouldn’t send something for a long time, he would PERSONALLY CALL THEM JUST TO CHECK ON THEM..
    Bob ross is my adopted grandad, no one can tell me otherwise😶

  • Whitney Ajeman
    Whitney Ajeman 3 months ago+699

    Anyone else just realize that Boss Ross invented YouTube Tutorials before it even existed? 😱♍️

  • Meghan Innes
    Meghan Innes 1 months ago+303

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Bob: "They turn me on"
    Everyone: surprised Pikachu face

  • Lynn Erickson
    Lynn Erickson 11 months ago+2022

    I’d LOVE to see an Aries vs. Virgo Bob Ross showdown

  • lalaluna
    lalaluna 3 months ago+382

    J: does he have better brushes than you
    J: yeah probably i bought these in a pack for like 5 dollars
    LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • josh flagg
    josh flagg 3 months ago+304

    the reason why you can't see any of his brush strokes are 1. because he's an amazingly talented artist who has been doing this for many years & 2. because this was shot in the 80s/90s at 480p (or if you're lucky, 720p) lol.

  • MLG_ Wolfie1
    MLG_ Wolfie1 1 months ago+180

    5:51 "There's purple everywhere. The devil is everywhere."
    LEGIT spit out my water 😂 omg that was so funny

  • Tabassum Khalifa
    Tabassum Khalifa 3 months ago+262

    Yells into the brush: “The power of Christ compels You”

  • Aisha Begum
    Aisha Begum 11 months ago+2906

    Can you make this into a series of you trying to paint Bob Ross’s paintings?
    I throughly enjoyed your video and panicked along with you as well lol.
    I love it.

  • Brianna Love
    Brianna Love 4 months ago+210

    This is the first Jenna Marbles video I've watched in years and it was everything I hoped for

  • Thajunnisha Sulaiman
    Thajunnisha Sulaiman 3 months ago+134

    " He just made land out of nothing. He's like a volcano 🌋" got me dying😂😂😂

  • CasualPrince
    CasualPrince 3 days ago+9

    “Oh! He’s already got his kNIFe oUT” she says in terror, running off screen.

  • Daisy Gotelaere
    Daisy Gotelaere 4 months ago+158

    Girl your voice is so soothing!! Please try ASMR!!!

  • Jenna Magiropoulos
    Jenna Magiropoulos 11 months ago+439

    i'm so shook... i've never seen Jenna so calm in a video

  • Sunnie DIY
    Sunnie DIY 2 months ago+153

    You keep saying how did he do it so fast, practice, years of experience, you're painting looks great, especially knowing you were rushing it.

  • Glassrabbits4793
    Glassrabbits4793 2 months ago+80

    Bob: it turns me on
    Me: and I- OOP

  • Dav
    Dav 2 months ago+35

    This is literally me in class trying to keep up during lecture LMAO

  • jean G
    jean G 4 months ago+72

    "I'm already feeling my feelings" same girl.