Deftones - Bored (Video)

  • Published on:  10/26/2009
  • © 2005 WMGBored (Video)


  • Billo1281
    Billo1281 3 years ago+1696

    I was still in high school when this came out. Skateboarding, smoking green, and not having a single damn thing to worry about. Future looked bright.

  • Robert Koch
    Robert Koch 3 years ago+1120

    this songs never gets boring

  • Midniight
    Midniight 5 years ago+504

    No one can ever be as cool as Chino

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd a years ago+222

    Korn, deftones, tool, Helmet, mr.bungle, offspring.... I miss the 90's

  • De19thKingJulion
    De19thKingJulion 5 years ago+487

    The clothes still look fashionable to me.

  • Akira Mann
    Akira Mann 4 years ago+756

    I wish I had friends that would jam out with me or just mosh to this song

  • Nino Falletta
    Nino Falletta 4 years ago+433

    My mix tapes in the 90's were filled with Deftones,Korn and Coal Chamber. God, I miss the 90's.

  • creekandseminole
    creekandseminole 3 years ago+321

    Deftones are pretty much a cult band now. Very dedicated fan base. I've seen them almost ten times now I think. I can't remember some of them lolz.

  • Toxik-Vermin
    Toxik-Vermin 4 years ago+253

    Game booooooooooy

  • reconelement
    reconelement 5 years ago+295

    I geettt boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrreddd!!!

  • lauritus17
    lauritus17 3 years ago+602


  • Del Romo
    Del Romo 5 years ago+121

    One of the best bands EVER !!!

  • miikesnow50
    miikesnow50 4 years ago+426

    R.I.P. Chi Cheng

  • Dean Gurvitz
    Dean Gurvitz 3 years ago+194

    So simple yet so powerful. You don't need a 17/32 time signature and 8 strings to make good and out-of-the-box metal

  • Ryan Hanselman
    Ryan Hanselman 2 years ago+117

    Ahhh, takes me right back to 1997-1998, good times. Skipping school, smokin bud, and rockin out to Deftones. I remember recording this video onto a VHS tape from Headbangers Ball on MTV. Back when MTV played music.

  • jgwentworth34
    jgwentworth34 3 years ago+136

    Bored on a Saturday right now

  • TheHilikus89
    TheHilikus89 3 years ago+146

    This is my go to song when I'm bored

  • Luke Mawdsley
    Luke Mawdsley 4 years ago+107

    I dont always do bored, but when I do I play this

  • Darkham 11
    Darkham 11 8 months ago+17

    Hear me spit on you wither I
    Remold into gold and bury I from Sun
    Reborn left to sigh, recure maybe I'll
    Be born and simplify the way I lie before
    I get bored
    I get bored
    I get bored
    I'm bored
    Repent by you and trust to figure out
    I burn that gift to doll and let it shine before
    I get bored
    I get bored
    I get bored
    I wish for a real one
    Fit and confide, before me or I
    I will come clean, it gets worse, it's more
    Get bored
    I get bored
    I get bored
    A wish for a real one
    Get bored
    Get bored
    Get bored
    I wish for a real one

  • Caner Akyıldız
    Caner Akyıldız a years ago+90

    Slipknot have (sic)
    Korn have Blind
    Limp Bizkit have Pollution
    Deftones have Bored
    I think first songs are best.