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    WIRED  a years ago+47893

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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    John Cena's sarcasm is harder to see than John Cena himself

  • jman415
    jman415 5 months ago+1540

    *john cena’s finishing move*: “are you okay?”😂

  • supreme team
    supreme team 7 months ago+1384

    Mom:what are u watching?
    Me:flying cardboard

  • Prasant Lamichhane
    Prasant Lamichhane 6 months ago+1595

    Why does he never answer the question

  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell 10 months ago+893

    This Was Just A 6 Minute Video Showing John Cena’s Humour

  • Raven and Sweet
    Raven and Sweet 7 months ago +959

    John Cena can be a really annoying teacher 😂😂😂😝

  • Daniel DiPilla
    Daniel DiPilla 6 months ago+493

    "Well I've been the champ of being stupid for" looks at wrist with no watch on "40 years". I see what you did there

  • Oh My Juliet!
    Oh My Juliet! 6 months ago+249

    Damnit. His voice is deeper than the Pacific Ocean.
    Is it me or it's soothing?

  • maddiesings
    maddiesings a years ago+3568

    John Cena wakes up in the hospital
    John Cena: "Where am I?"
    Nurse: "ICU."
    John Cena: "No you can't."

  • Iqra Khan
    Iqra Khan 7 months ago+1057

    4:47 play it again ...and again

  • Hannah Cartier
    Hannah Cartier 5 months ago+348

    Is there any reason he is asked questions about Bulls? 😂😂

  • FanmaR
    FanmaR 4 months ago+242

    This man geniunely makes me smile. I've never watched a full wrestling match to completion but this man is bloody entertaining. Smart, charismatic and the body of a god. There's no way I can't be jealous of this guy!

  • Daredevil
    Daredevil 5 months ago+167

    Are just going to ignore the fact that John said only lasts 2 1/2 minutes?!?!?

  • karlmalone11
    karlmalone11 a years ago+1880

    So many jokes about him being invisible, but let’s take a second and give him credit for being playfully witty and clever. He’s hilarious!

  • YoptheYopher !
    YoptheYopher ! yesterday+2

    “I’ve been the champ of bein stupid for 40 years”
    That’s not true there’s me!
    Edit: I just like my own comment 😭😭😭

  • JJ Anderson
    JJ Anderson 1 months ago+49

    "What is John Cenas last move?"
    John Cena "it usually ends with an are you ok and I go get a sandwich and call my mom"😂😂

  • Spitty youdied
    Spitty youdied 2 days ago+4

    "There's channels on YouTube where you can see John Cena."
    First off, who the heck said that, and second off, liars !!!

  • Frank Sánchez
    Frank Sánchez 4 months ago+310

    John Cena: *Sarcastic and fun answer, great intervie
    Meam while, Brie Larson: "is this a personal attack or something?"

  • Patike Odeca
    Patike Odeca 2 months ago+65

    If only John Cena was on this video,lmao clickbait