70th Emmy Awards: Stephen Daldry of 'The Crown' Wins For Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Stephen Daldry wins the Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series for The Crown.


  • Pepperoni Unicorn

    Annoying Aussie bad... and im an aussie

  • RippedBushido
    RippedBushido 2 days ago

    My dogs funnier

  • readu100
    readu100 3 days ago

    LOLOLOLOL The best

  • Ryantrev88
    Ryantrev88 4 days ago

    she looks like a man

  • Albert Nada
    Albert Nada 5 days ago

    I would have punched that twat right between the eyes.

  • P. Twk.
    P. Twk. 5 days ago+1

    If there would be quality content from females, there would be female winners or nominees. Amy Shumer and Hannah Gadsby are no quality producers and a remake of the Ghostbusters or Oceans Eleven with just females is not a quality measurement, it is simply a remake.

  • jos Morales
    jos Morales 5 days ago

    Omg this lady is trash

  • andylaauk
    andylaauk 9 days ago


  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 1 months ago

    Well done him! hahahahaha funniest moment of the whole show.

  • green koko
    green koko 1 months ago+1

    This was so funny and even funnier are the comments of butthurt men in the comments section.

  • William Baker
    William Baker 2 months ago+1

    Note: hannah has never actually experienced a hardship in her life.
    She grew up a relatively middle class city girl.
    She was never actually sexually assaulted, experienced rape, been beaten by a man..... etc
    When you seek attention you often make things up.

  • james elder
    james elder 2 months ago+3

    If I would make these jokes about women I would be kicked out of everything forever.
    The fact that she can’t see her own contradictions is beyond me

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 2 months ago+3

    What an absolute embarrassment the presenter is. How unfunny can she/he/it be?

  • h5n6q
    h5n6q 2 months ago+2

    Damn, so many f*cking cuck males here who actually like having hate speech aimed in their direction. Wonder how many are from California.

  • none of your business
    none of your business 2 months ago+2

    I hope next time they pick a white host who's had a similar number of bad experiences -- with murderers or robbers for example but they were all black -- and the same proclivity to generalise.
    Oh boy would that be hilarious. Just jokes though, just jokes.

  • Wash_Your_Fruits
    Wash_Your_Fruits 2 months ago+4

    Three men walk into a bar and punch a woman....

  • Honeybee Fields
    Honeybee Fields 2 months ago+4

    I'm a woman, and I think that was some of the worst "comedy" I've ever seen. Booooo!

  • deadkennedys555
    deadkennedys555 2 months ago+4

    "A hard core, man hating, feminist lesbian ususally sporting a slight mustache. They are usually overweight, pushy and middle aged. They never shave and shower/bath every few days or so. They sometimes seem resentful that they were born a woman.
    A, "Have you seen that thing? Why doesn't it wash that vag? I can smell it across the room!"
    B, Its such a bull dagger! It's almost like she wishes she were a guy."

  • andylaauk
    andylaauk 2 months ago+3

    I always thought comedians were supposed to be funny.