$2 Curry Vs. $75 Curry



  • Maya Davis-Goodstein

    Durian! I’m crying, I’m so glad they include this! It is one of my favorite Asian fruits and is also great as a smoothie with boba!

  • Husnawaty Anga
    Husnawaty Anga 19 hours ago

    actually roti canai is from india called prata

  • jackson zhu
    jackson zhu 20 hours ago

    I'm Chinese so i can relate.

  • tiffany
    tiffany yesterday

    I'll never get tired of how open-minded they are about all of their food tastings and their history. it's honestly so kind-hearted and understanding, if you think about it

  • meme killer
    meme killer yesterday

    who think the reason why Adam eating like that is because last time they say he had a large bite?

  • Mysterious Planet

    MR MEHTA - HIT ME UP. my god he is so hot and can cook

  • Mysterious Planet

    why is everyone complaining, this seems pretty much the same style to me as always

  • Mysterious Planet

    I really love that the FIRST FACT was a colonial fact!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cup of Coffee
    Cup of Coffee 2 days ago

    For once, I understand what the chefs say without subtitles..

  • Twee
    Twee 2 days ago

    I’ve never seen curry in a pastry....and I’m Pakistani

  • AvaAza 3
    AvaAza 3 3 days ago+1

    Wow i didnt know that steven can say "roti canai" because thats an indonesian languange

  • Simran Simran
    Simran Simran 3 days ago

    That was the most expensive one?? Really? Like really? That's street food in Old Delhi!!
    Well except the shrimp/prawn. That's available only in restaurants in Delhi, we're landlocked here.

  • Arvind Nedumaran
    Arvind Nedumaran 3 days ago

    "Horlicks - Ice malted milk drink.

  • Imroze Hossain
    Imroze Hossain 4 days ago

    Yeh salil gandu, chutiya bana Raha sabko! Harami! Ruk sale! Abhi bande bulata Hoon!

  • Arzzaツ
    Arzzaツ 5 days ago

    rendang is from indonesia wtf?

  • Crispy C
    Crispy C 5 days ago+1

    Really surprised with how this episode came out. They don’t seem as into it as they use to be. Regardless I want delicious food now xD

  • Crispy C
    Crispy C 5 days ago

    Unfortunately this show is starting to go downhill. Doesn’t seem like two guys going out on a good adventure anymore. It’s more like two guys doing this to make a company money. Like the passion is changing into just another video. I don’t know how to explain. Hopefully the next one I watch is better 👍

  • jsblee
    jsblee 5 days ago

    Steven started this thing. Andrew came along after. Now that this show has gone mainstream; Asian out, whitey in. ☹️

  • Banhammer of Justice

    This episode was horrific

  • Calvin 0917
    Calvin 0917 6 days ago

    I'm from Malaysia and I love ur guys video. Keep up the good work