$2 Curry Vs. $75 Curry

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • Kevin Esquenet 7 months ago

    "It's your favorite food, we should eat it." Andrew is husband material.

  • alisaahhz 19 days ago


  • Uni Amni 1 months ago

    victim mentality

  • Yo 1 months ago

    FINALLY a non-native doesn't overreact to durian and is open enough to enjoy it

  • AYD 2 days ago

    @GordWayne wow man. get your head out of your ass and out of the 1600's.

  • Diza K 11 days ago

    @GordWayne "non-colonizer attitude", damn man i love that phrase

  • K R 7 months ago

    LOL buzzfeed @0:53 saying that the British "visited" India is like saying The Trail of Tears was a nice Sunday stroll.

  • Diza K 11 days ago


  • Natalie Kendel 2 months ago

    Andrew is really sweet listening to Stephen's nostalgic stories and memories :) :)

  • Rhaps X 1 months ago

    Steven: "I'm Asian so we're doing curry and I know all about that."Also Steven: has never heard of horlicksS M H dude

  • Rhaps X this is true. I’m Malaysian and Horlicks is everywhere

  • blah whoops 19 days ago

    Ahhh andrew....Tsk tsk tsk

  • Sara Suen 7 months ago

    I'm surprised there are so many negative comments. This is one of my favorite episodes. I really liked hearing Steven's childhood stories in relation to the food, because as an Chinese person I can relate and also adds a kind of warmth and personality to the episode. I also still enjoy Andrew's way with words in how he decribes the food and makes the better food puns lol. And seeing Annie/Anny? reacting to their slurpy noises was so relatable- she's a cutie. I dunno, I don't feel any awkwardness aside ...

  • Nicole Barlaan 16 days ago

    This is defs one of the top eps for me. Steven’s childhood stories add such a level of warmth in this ep. love it.

  • Faisal Salam 22 days ago

    I mean there isn't much Indian representation in these videos. For me, an episode on curry should be something more representative of curry from that part of the world. Curry is something from India.

  • Ppl in india will break down yr restaurant if u offer roti and curry for $8 🤣

  • ritika chaudhuri 3 days ago

    So true.................

  • Ruvin Eric Perez 5 days ago

    @Anson355 Because Food aka Cost of Goods is not enough to dictate a cheaper price. There's overhead cost. If you're talking at just Food, it's not just food.

  • Shravi Poo 3 months ago

    OMG HORLICKS MY CHILDHOOD I like how they made it fancy by calling it an “iced malted milk drink” it’s literally packaged powder that u add to milk😂

  • ritika chaudhuri 3 days ago

    @Angela you are not alone.......I m here too

  • Pratyush Dubey 16 days ago

    @Harshana Nikam YAAASSSS

  • Serah Thuo 9 months ago

    Can y’all stop rushing this editing, we didn’t get to enjoy everything

  • Connor The Cloutgod 9 months ago

    Serah Thuo Myname Jeff can y’all sub to me please?

  • Baaska Orgil 9 months ago


  • Debosmita Dalui 7 months ago

    I don't understand why half of people in the comment section are complaining about the chemistry between Andrew and Steven is gone and they look tired and all. I don't feel it that way.Everything in the show just seems like it used to be before.

  • heartlessoni13 1 months ago

    Might be jet lag too right?

  • Megan Wei 2 months ago

    eth1134 plus Steven just broke up with his girlfriend so it’s understandable that he’s not 100% himself