Take a Break: The Painted Nail



  • Cosmic Nerd Studios
    Cosmic Nerd Studios 3 years ago+5633

    that guy seemed genuinely scared by James

  • JD Gipson
    JD Gipson 4 years ago+3635

    I wonder how many business owners regret the decision to let him come in and film.

  • gabriela
    gabriela 3 years ago+2432

    "Your hands are like baby hands" 😂😂😂😂

  • Erza Scarlet Art
    Erza Scarlet Art 3 years ago+2564

    I'd like 10% of this guy's confidence he takes on any job so well xD

  • anthealikespocky
    anthealikespocky 3 years ago+2724

    "Your hand are like baby hands" I completely lost it 😂😂😂

  • Tarynyrata
    Tarynyrata 4 years ago+3967

    "Your hands are like baby hands" LMAO

  • phamtarts
    phamtarts 3 years ago+3362

    is anyone else on a take a break spree?

  • Backpacking Bananas
    Backpacking Bananas 4 years ago+3043

    The fact that James can sing makes the show 10X more amazing than it already is

  • Kylie P
    Kylie P 4 years ago+4080

    The guy who sang the gospel music was really good!

  • Hello.
    Hello. 3 years ago+1172

    "A fat Matt Damon and chubby Bruno Mars" LOL "I love Uptown Funk" hahahahaha

  • Jenna Ellis
    Jenna Ellis 3 years ago+812

    the sluttiest color .. oh look at this pink, it's called "always swipes right"😂😂

  • Gladiator in a Suit
    Gladiator in a Suit 3 years ago+768

    James is so confident AND HIS VOICE IS AMAZING

  • Ronja S
    Ronja S 3 years ago+336

    "I gotta get a Uber, I'm so drunk" best scene

  • Mitra Mirpour
    Mitra Mirpour 4 years ago+4077

    Anthony was so uncomfortable with James LOL

  • LetItRaynne
    LetItRaynne 3 years ago+813


  • Abby Nuñez
    Abby Nuñez 3 years ago+313

    That was Anthony Evans! He is a well known and respected gospel artist. He was also on the very first season of the Voice. Lol

  • Sarah Foster
    Sarah Foster 3 years ago+338

    I wanna hear more from that gospel singer!!

  • AngelaMinjiKim
    AngelaMinjiKim 4 years ago+756

    James is hilarious! I'm loving these Take a Break segments!

  • Anna Raehal
    Anna Raehal 3 years ago+628

    James you're honestly my most favorite person on this planet.

  • Marwa Ali
    Marwa Ali 3 years ago+238

    James and the dude should start a band. I root for this.