Search groundwater and Build Water filter in the forest by ancient skill ( wells bamboo )



  • tine tv
    tine tv  2 months ago+164

    New Video :

  • Prerna
    Prerna 5 months ago+2964

    And here I am. laying in the bed for the last 4 hours doing nothing

  • Freedom51
    Freedom51 2 months ago+507

    Only a wooden stick and a 1080p HD camera

  • escapaodelavida
    escapaodelavida 2 months ago+662

    Replace your filter after 6 months :-)

  • Amalvipls
    Amalvipls 2 months ago+473

    you are going to think this is dumb, but one of my favorite things is that the videos are silent
    no need for commentary or a redundant explanation, just watching him work is good enough to understand everything

  • Augusta RC
    Augusta RC 1 months ago+158

    Ok but the drinking at 14:07 is the best acting I've seen in years

  • gwuapojr
    gwuapojr 2 months ago+143

    Tools: exists
    Sticks: im bout to end this whole mans career

  • km
    km 1 months ago+74

    i realized i am happy because i am getting safe and clean water without no effort.
    Now, i appreciate all.

  • Shaun Satter
    Shaun Satter 2 months ago+67

    in 500 years, people will come across all of these and think it was for something more significant than a YouTube video...

  • Gabb Industries
    Gabb Industries 2 months ago+9

    building with bamboo, i see how amazing of a potential it was for civilisations

  • John Smith
    John Smith yesterday+1

    Get ready for the next big health fad: organic, raw, cold pressed charcoal. (fine, not cold pressed)

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams 2 months ago+105

    Couldn't find the bamboo at my local Home Depot..

  • Eric Whittington
    Eric Whittington 2 months ago+101

    This is a good first stage filter, but definitely needs a second stage and a third.
    The second could sit in that smaller tub. Consisting of a layer of moss on top of a medium coarseness dirt that has been cleaned of junk like sticks, on top of crushed charcoal at between 1/8-1/4 of an inch in size. This should clear a majority of the discoloration. Just don't expect a cup of clean water in less than a minute.
    The final stage is simply to boil the water. Replacing the "filters" in the first and second stages should be at least once every other week. Since this is a crude method of filtration, this frequency of cleaning isn't that bad when your health is at risk.

  • Couldn't think of a Youtube name.

    Me: Can't even draw a circle with a compass.
    TineTV: Can make a perfect circle from bamboo sticks.

  • Feds LOKi
    Feds LOKi 5 months ago+1330

    This guy will build his own aeroplane made of bamboos

  • Adam Lewis
    Adam Lewis 2 days ago+1

    Try this is B.C. .... 2 feet deep...4 foot Boulder.. end of project.

  • Ian advincula
    Ian advincula 2 days ago+1

    I feel sorry for those people who thought he finished the entire thing for just a couple of hour...

  • Exotwin
    Exotwin 2 months ago+5

    when the ground is clay and somehow you have Portland available to join the mix hahahah.

  • Paul Paredes
    Paul Paredes yesterday+1

    how do you find a spot worth digging in the first place? or do we just dig 'till we find water?

  • Samuel Houston
    Samuel Houston yesterday+1

    Dude these guys are playing life in survival mode