The U.S. Media Has A Palestine Problem

  • Published on:  5/22/2021
  • Israeli occupation of Palestine tends to be a touchy subject for news media, so much so that they break journalistic standards and writing etiquette just to avoid implicating one party over another — which still seems to end up working out in Israel’s favor and never Palestine’s. That’s led to a media environment that can’t clearly call out the ethnic cleansing and apartheid inflicted upon Palestinians, doesn’t point to context when talking about the results of decades-long oppression and displacement, and can’t help but equivocate about two disproportionately affected populations. But maybe that’s starting to change.

    Sana Saeed looks at what U.S. media coverage has gotten wrong about recent events in Gaza, Sheikh Jarrah and occupied Palestine, and offers her own media critique.


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    Host & Senior Producer: Sana Saeed
    Producer: Nicholas Garbaty
    Editor: Ahmad Assad
    Camera: Ahmad Assad, Kutlay Dede
    Senior Motion Graphics Designer: Vivian Chang
    Post-Production Lead: Nanako Pierce
    Executive Producer: Sarah Nasr
    Special Thanks: The United People of Twitter

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