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 Taylor Swift’s Full Interview with EllenTheEllenShow
9 months ago
From singing with Zac Efron to getting scared in a bathroom, Taylor Swift has had some unforgettable moments on the show, and ...
 Ellen Has a ‘Scary’ Surprise for Deserving FamilyTheEllenShow
Ellen welcomed Kristina and Terron Nolan, who work at an elementary school, and go above and beyond for the kids, despite ...
 The One Where Jennifer Aniston Reveals Dark Secrets About EllenTheEllenShow
29 days ago
Since Jennifer Aniston is Ellen's close friend, the actress used her time as guest host to share some deep, dark, definitely real ...
 Ellen Pleads for Student’s Return to School After Dress Code ControversyTheEllenShow
24 days ago
Ellen welcomed Texas high school senior DeAndre Arnold, who made national news after he was told by school officials that he ...
 Ellen Gives Perfect Attendance Student a Pencil Her Classmates Can’t TakeTheEllenShow
10 days ago
Ellen met 7-year-old Taylor James, who recently went viral with a video of her explaining how her perfect attendance pencil was ...
 Chris Pratt Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’TheEllenShow
2 days ago
Ellen put Chris Pratt in the hot seat to answer some of her “Burning Questions”! Find out what he does to make his son laugh, and ...
 Kate & Oliver Hudson Get Honest in ‘Truth or Shot’TheEllenShow
2 days ago
Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver don't hold back on their podcast "Sibling Revelry," so Ellen tested their frankness in a game of ...
 Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Shocks Inspiring Kids’ GroupTheEllenShow
2 days ago
Ellen welcomed eight members of the non-profit Fight All Monsters, a support group for kids battling various forms of cancer.
 Ellen Meets Uplifting Husband and His Inspiring Wife Battling CancerTheEllenShow
9 days ago
Ellen welcomed Ray Singleton, who recently went viral with a video of him serenading his wife Roslyn before she underwent ...
 Justin Bieber Serenades Ellen with 'Yummy'TheEllenShow
25 days ago
As a special birthday gift, Justin Bieber sang an acoustic version of his song "Yummy," and led the audience in singing "Happy ...
 Justin Bieber Was Nervous to Commit to Now Wife HaileyTheEllenShow
25 days ago
Justin Bieber confessed to Ellen that before he proposed, he was initially nervous to make a serious commitment to his now wife ...
 Ellen’s Emotional Reminder to Celebrate Life Every DayTheEllenShow
25 days ago
It's Ellen's birthday show, and following the tragic news about Kobe Bryant, she reminded the audience that you don't need a ...
 Ellen KICKS OUT Guests For Not Following The RulesPlot Twist
10 months ago
Ellen KICKS OUT Guests For Not Following The Rules. Thanks for watching this video: Ellen KICKS OUT Guests For Not ...
 Dwyane Wade’s Candid Talk About Supporting His 12-Year-Old's Gender IdentityTheEllenShow
11 days ago
Dwyane Wade candidly chatted with Ellen about embracing his 12-year-old's gender identity, and how he and his wife Gabrielle ...
 Ellen’s Life-Changing Gift for Teacher Who Pampers His StudentsTheEllenShow
4 days ago
Ellen met Pre-K/Kindergarten teacher Azel Prather, who after learning that many of his students have never had a haircut because ...
 Olivia Wilde's Kids Think Ellen Is Their Real MomTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Actress Olivia Wilde explained to Ellen why her two kids with Jason Sudeikis think she's their "real mom." Plus, the "Life Itself" star ...
 A Surprise Proposal and Ellen’s BIG Wedding Gift for a Viral CoupleTheEllenShow
3 months ago
Ellen welcomed Sarah and her fiancée Kate, whose photo of her proposing at the Eiffel Tower went viral. Since Kate's parents do ...
 Ellen Has a Lot of Questions in ‘Why? And How Come?'TheEllenShow
1 months ago
Ellen introduced a new segment called “Why? And How Come?” and talked about things that don't make any sense. Today's ...
 The 'Cheer' Cast Gives Ellen 'Mat Talk'TheEllenShow
a months ago
Ellen sat down with some of the cast members of the new hit Netflix docuseries "Cheer," including Coach Monica and ...
 Ellen Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant's LegacyTheEllenShow
25 days ago
Ellen paid tribute to the late Kobe Bryant by remembering his visits to the show, and by highlighting the kindness he showed to ...
 Cardi B Meets Cardi ETheEllenShow
3 months ago
For Halloween, Ellen transformed into “Cardi E”, inspired by Cardi B's character in the movie “Hustlers,” and she got a special visit ...
 Ellen Gives Her Bucket of Savings to the Lopez FamilyTheEllenShow
1 months ago
Ellen welcomed the Lopez family to her stage. She recently surprised them at their New Jersey home by giving them all the gifts ...
 Howard Stern Gives Ellen an Unforgettable KissTheEllenShow
4 months ago
Howard Stern visited Ellen for the very first time, and made the interview one she'd never forget... with a memorable kiss.
 Tones and I Performs Her Hit ‘Dance Monkey'TheEllenShow
2 days ago
Tones and I visited Ellen for the first time and performed her huge hit, “Dance Monkey.” #TonesandI #DanceMonkey ...
 Adorable 5-Year-Old Shares His Love of DanceTheEllenShow
22 days ago
Guest host Sean Hayes welcomed 5-year-old Oliver, who recently went viral with a video of him passionately dancing. He chatted ...
 Halsey Gets Distracted by Her Boyfriend During a ScareTheEllenShow
3 months ago
Halsey couldn't decide what was scarier – having to talk about her new boyfriend Evan Peters in public, or getting a box scare ...
 Ellen Show - Funniest Moments of All Times!LIGHTSIDE
11 months ago
Ellen Degeneres Show's Funniest Moments of all times. Here you'll see episodes with Madonna, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nicki ...
 Ellen Meets Inspiring Airport Agent CourtneyTheEllenShow
18 days ago
Ellen welcomed Courtney Milner, a Delta agent at JFK Airport who recently went viral with a video of her giving an uplifting speech ...
 Melissa McCarthy, Macey Hensley, and Ellen Play 'Hail to the Blank'TheEllenShow
5 days ago
Ellen welcomed back kid presidential expert Macey Hensley, and they found out who knows the most about presidents as they ...
 Viral Kid Dancer and Her Teacher Show Off Their MovesTheEllenShow
3 months ago
Ellen welcomed 9-year-old Anae and her dance instructor Jeny, who recently went viral with a video of them dancing together.
 Portia de Rossi Reveals Her 61st Birthday Present for EllenTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Last year, Portia de Rossi gave Ellen the gift of The Ellen Fund, so Portia revealed whether she was able to top that gift this year ...
 Ellen Isn't a Fan of Valentine's DayTheEllenShow
9 days ago
Ellen admitted she isn't a fan of Valentine's Day, because you don't need a specific day to celebrate the person you love – just ...
 Hillary Clinton on Being 'Emotionally Drained' After Talking Monica Lewinsky Scandal for DocuseriesTheEllenShow
16 days ago
Former First Lady Hillary Clinton talked with Ellen about her Hulu documentary "Hillary," and how it was "emotionally draining" to ...
 PART ONE: A Big Surprise from the One and Only Ellen DeGeneres!The Real Daytime
4 days ago
In honor of our 1000 episodes, Ellen DeGeneres stops by (and even brings her own chair! LOL), and we are ECSTATIC to see ...
 The Flu That Almost Took Out the Entire Ellen Staff!TheEllenShow
1 months ago
Ellen revealed that her staff was hit with the flu, including three of her four Executive Producers, and somehow Andy was the only ...
 John Legend's Valentine's Day Tribute to Chrissy TeigenTheEllenShow
8 days ago
Chrissy Teigen admitted to Ellen she hates her own feet, so naturally, when her husband John Legend guest hosted the show, ...
 Harrison Ford Leaks Details About the New ‘Indiana Jones’ MovieTheEllenShow
4 days ago
Harrison Ford divulged to Ellen that this summer he's hoping to begin filming a new installment in the “Indiana Jones” franchise!
 Ellen Addresses Guest-Host RumorsTheEllenShow
5 months ago
Ellen has invited some of her friends, including Melissa McCarthy, Sean Hayes, and Mila Kunis to guest host the show, and fans ...
 Ellen's Favorite Moments from Season 16 - So FarTheEllenShow
1 years ago
After 16 seasons, Ellen still loves the show! From unforgettable celebrity interviews to inspiring visits from everyday heroes, take a ...
 Ellen Celebrates ‘Game of Games’ Season 4 with ‘Danger Word’!TheEllenShow
4 days ago
Ellen announced her primetime NBC show “Game of Games” will return for a fourth season! To celebrate, she took a look back at ...
 Alicia Keys on Properly Honoring Kobe Bryant at the Grammys 'In His House'TheEllenShow
24 days ago
Alicia Keys opened up to Ellen about what it was like hosting the 2020 Grammys just hours after learning about Kobe Bryant's ...
 Chris Pratt on the Return of the Original Cast for 'Jurassic World 3'TheEllenShow
3 days ago
Chris Pratt is about to start filming "Jurassic World 3," and may have divulged more than he should've about the big movie and ...
 Ellen DeGeneres Opens Up To Savannah Guthrie About Sexual Abuse | TODAYTODAY
1 years ago
Ellen DeGeneres sat down with TODAY's Savannah Guthrie on DeGeneres' daytime talk show to talk about a wide range of topics ...
 Brielle Presents Ellen with a Check from Her Necklace FundraiserTheEllenShow
23 days ago
Ellen welcomed back one of her favorite kid experts, Brielle, to talk about how she made hand-painted rock necklaces and sold ...
 Dakota Johnson’s Favorite Comedian Isn’t EllenTheEllenShow
2 months ago
Dakota Johnson revealed to Ellen that her favorite comedian is Tig Notaro, who did a standup set during her recent 30th birthday ...
 Kim Kardashian West Photoshopped North into the Family Holiday CardTheEllenShow
2 months ago
Kim Kardashian West explained to Ellen why she had to have her daughter North photoshopped into her family holiday card.
 Superfan Brad Pitt Distracts Ellen While Sitting in the AudienceTheEllenShow
5 months ago
Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt tried to blend in as an Ellen superfan in the audience, and not only distracted Ellen, but also her ...
 Dog Rescue Hero Surprises Girlfriend with a ProposalTheEllenShow
3 months ago
Ellen welcomed Bryant, who heroically rescued a dog from freezing water. Bryant and his girlfriend Krystal not only talked with ...
 Ellen Helps Inspiring Athlete's Paralympics DreamsTheEllenShow
26 days ago
Ellen welcomed inspiring athlete Hunter Woodhall, who recently went viral with a TikTok video of him sharing his life story.
 Charles Barkley on Standing Up Against DiscriminationTheEllenShow
10 days ago
Charles Barkley visited Ellen for the first time, and talked about why he's been an advocate for LGBTQ rights and why he won't let ...
 Ellen Had to Be Reminded She Was in ‘Mad About You’ with Helen Hunt & Paul ReiserTheEllenShow
3 months ago
Paul Reiser admitted to Ellen he didn't remember her guest role on the original “Mad About You” series, and Ellen confessed she ...
 Chris Pratt's Massive Sunburn Put a Damper on His HoneymoonTheEllenShow
3 days ago
Chris Pratt explained to Ellen how he got a very bad sunburn on his honeymoon with wife Katherine, and how it put a damper on ...
 Audience Members Wow Ellen with Hidden Talents in 'Can You Do That?'TheEllenShow
5 days ago
Ellen and tWitch called on a few audience members who claimed they have a hidden talent, and decided whether they were lying ...
 Ellen Quizzes Millennials on Old-School SlangTheEllenShow
24 days ago
Ellen pointed out that it's hard to stay on top of the latest slang that the younger generation uses, and it can be "confusing AF.
 This Celebrity Scaled a Gate to Get into Kate & Oliver Hudson's PartyTheEllenShow
2 days ago
Siblings Kate and Oliver Hudson talked with Ellen about their parties while growing up, including one at their parents' house that ...
 Get Your Paws Up for Ellen’s New Instagram Account!TheEllenShow
10 days ago
Ellen announced that she's started a new Instagram called Paws Up, where you can find all of her favorite animal pictures and ...
 Ellen DeGeneres’ Mother Breaks Silence On Daughter’s Sex Abuse Claims | TODAYTODAY
8 months ago
In an exclusive statement to NBC News, Ellen DeGeneres' mother, Betty DeGeneres, reacts to her daughter's claims this week of ...