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 Horrifyingly Mysterious Lakes In The WorldBE AMAZED
7 months ago
Mysterious lakes exist all around the world that will blow your mind. Lets find out about the creepiest mysterious lakes in the world.
 Top 10 most Horrifyingly Mysterious Lakes in the WorldTop-5 Top-10
1 years ago
Thousands of lives lost, #mysterious inhabitants—poisonous #lakes are just about the most mystical and eerie bodies of water of ...
3 years ago
Lakes aren't all that exciting. Some of them are huge and some of them are salty (The Dead Sea) but none of them are bizarre or ...
 15 Most Mysterious Lakes On EarthMind Boggler
1 years ago
The natural world is an ever changing, ever shifting beast. Mountains rise, valleys form, glaciers meander across the landscape; ...
 12 Strangest Lakes in the WorldAmerican Eye
3 years ago
From the biggest lake ever, to the mysterious "spotted" lake in Canada, these are the 12 STRANGEST Lakes In The World !
 Weird Waves Season 1: Great Lakes | Surf | VANSVans
1 years ago
What is a lake surfer? Are they different from you and I? Join host Dylan Graves on his quest to the “FREEZING GNARLS” of ...
 Top 10 Most Horrifyingly Mysterious Lakes in the World!Top 5 Best
5 months ago
Top 10 Most Horrifyingly Mysterious Lakes in the World! If you're new, Subscribe! → With the earth's surface ...
 8 Places You Should Never Swim In (Even If You Want To)BRIGHT SIDE
1 years ago
There are lots of amazing outdoor swimming areas in the world. Some of them are safe and protected with lifeguards watching ...
 Most Mysterious HIDDEN Lakes And Rivers!Origins Explained
1 years ago
Check out the Most Mysterious HIDDEN Lakes And Rivers! From strange waterfalls to a lake inside a lake, this top 10 list of ...
 11 Most Terrifying Lakes on EarthBRIGHT SIDE
1 years ago
Lakes usually instill a feeling of calm and serenity with their clear water and light breezes. When you imagine a lake, the first thing ...
 Why This Lake is the Deadliest in the WorldRealLifeLore
2 years ago
The first 755 people to sign up for Brilliant will get 20% off their premium subscription: Get the ...
 The Strange Lake Part 1 ft. uToonz and GingerpaleTabbes
3 years ago
Yes I just used that overused meme. First off, I want to thank these two excellent people for voice acting the two guys in this video.
 10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually ExistMind Boggler
1 years ago
The Seven Wonders of the Natural World may have been named too quickly. Wonders like The Grand Canyon and Victoria Falls ...
 Most MYSTERIOUS Lost Worlds On Earth!Origins Explained
3 years ago
Check out the most mysterious lost worlds on earth! The unsolved mysteries from this top list of mystery places around the world ...
 9 Most MYSTERIOUS Islands On Earth!Secret Truths
2 years ago
Islands throughout the world that are shrouded in mystery! From Mexico's creepy Island of the Dolls to the Naval Base on Diego ...
 Most MYSTERIOUS Lakes In The World!Origins Explained
2 years ago
Check out the most mysterious lakes in the world! This top 10 list has some of the most dangerous and strange lakes on earth!
 Top 10 Weird Lakes In The World || PastimersPastimers - World's Best & Worst
3 years ago
Despite being covered by water, only a tiny fraction -- 0.008 percent -- of Earth's freshwater is contained in rivers and lakes.
 TOP 10 STRANGEST RiversTech Planet
2 years ago
Sources & Credits: 10. Slims River 9.
 5 Lakes With Weird NamesName Explain
1 years ago
 Places You Should NEVER Swim - Part 1BE AMAZED
2 years ago
You can probably think of lots of places that are great for swimming. Pools, the beach, even comically small inflatable pools.
 This Lake Creates Strange Magnetic Forces | What On Earth?Science Channel
3 years ago
What on Earth? | Tuesdays at 9/8c on Science Full Episodes Streaming FREE on Science GO: ...
 ⭕ Ten Of The Worlds Strangest And Most Amazing Lakes ⭕The Top 10 of Anything and Everything
1 years ago
For More Information please do visit the main blog which is located here: The music is "We Are the ...
 Weird Places: Australia's Bright Pink LakeSciShow
6 years ago
In this edition of Weird Places, we visit Australia's Lake Hillier, which is a shockingly flamboyant shade of pink. Hank's here to tell ...
 Most Bizarre Lakes In The WorldFacts Verse
2 years ago
Click the link to subscribe: For copyright matters please contact us at: Subscribe to ...
 Why This Tiny Lake Is the Scariest on EarthBRIGHT SIDE
1 years ago
There are about 117 million lakes on our planet, and they cover almost 4% of the continental land. Lakes can be small or big, ...
 Most Unusual Lakes in the World-A 2020 Compilation .EARTH`S BEAUTY
1 months ago
Thanks for Clicking this Video. * Despite being covered by water, only a tiny fraction - 0.008 percent - of Earth's freshwater is ...
 Found a Working iPhone X Underwater in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)DALLMYD
2 years ago
Subscribe if you're new! Help me reach 5000000 subscribers on YouTube!! If you want to see more videos ...
 Strangest Things Found In LakesDown The Rabbit Hole
2 years ago
From ancient bones, submerged towns, and nuclear bombs; you never know what you could find hidden in mysterious waters. 8.
 Magnet Fishing The Creepy Well In The Woods | AquachiggerAquachigger
2 years ago
Join me for part two of my visit to the creepy well in the woods. In part one, I dropped some cameras down the well. In this video, I ...
 What's at the Bottom of the Deepest Lake in the World?SciShow
1 years ago
Besides being the deepest lake on Earth, Lake Baikal supports a bizarre collection of species that are found nowhere else!
 Hotter Than Death Valley | Weird PlacesSciShow
6 months ago
With acidic puddles, lava lakes, and one of the most important early hominid discoveries, the Danakil Depression is home to all of ...
 Weird US: The Curse of Lake RonkonkomaWeirdUSTV
12 years ago
For the full story:
 Secrets of Life from A Giant Pool of Asphalt | Weird Places: Pitch Lake, TrinidadSciShow
4 months ago
Trinidad's Pitch Lake is a huge, oily, and filled with millions of tons of asphalt. It may not sound like a great place to live, but the ...
 Bizarre Discoveries Found in Drained Water BodiesBE AMAZED
2 years ago
Bodies of water contain lots of terrifying creatures and eerie discoveries. They conceal tonnes of items and creatures well beyond ...
 Weird Places: The Lava Lake in AntarcticaSciShow
3 years ago
What could be cooler than a permanent lava lake surrounded by snow!? The Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory: ...
 Don’t Ever Swim Here...Trend Central
2 years ago
Now around the world one can find some of the most beautiful and amazing beaches and lakes to swim at, however apart from the ...
 STRANGEST Discoveries Made In Great LakesTalltanic
1 years ago
Subscribe to Talltanic Watch our "Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth " video here:- ...
 Most dangerous rivers and lakes in the worldTHE MAGNUM
2 years ago
Want to drop everything in this stuffy town and get away from the summer heat to the beach, close to the water, but can not?
 10 Horrifyingly Mysterious Lakes In The WorldMind Boggler
5 months ago
Although they may look normal, what lies beneath these lakes may make you want to think twice before jumping in for a quick dip.
 The Most Dangerous Bodies Of Water In The WorldGrunge
2 years ago
If you're new, Subscribe! → We all need water to survive, but sometimes, you're better off getting ...
 Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made In Lakes!Origins Explained
1 years ago
Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made In Lakes! From bizarre unexplained findings to unsolved mysteries, this top ...
 Most Crystal Clear Lakes in the WorldAmerican Eye
1 years ago
Subscribe to American Eye lakes across the world have been destroyed by pollution, radiation or over ...
 This Lake Is Home To A Bizarre "Floating Eye" IslandScience Channel
2 years ago
What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p Experts investigate an eye shaped lake containing a mysterious floating island. Full Episodes ...
 Most DANGEROUS Waters In The World!Origins Explained
1 years ago
Check out the Most DANGEROUS Waters In The World! From mysterious lakes to the most polluted rivers, this top 10 list of bodies ...
 A compilation of underwater horrorsSteele Scuba Diving
1 years ago
Compilation video of dives at underwater Crystal Lake replica from Friday the 13th. Among the sights are the Jason Voorhees ...
 Strange & Weird Lakes in the worldThe Mystery Portal
1 years ago
This video presents the most Strange & Weird Lakes in the world. 1. Pink Lake (Lake Hillier), Australia – This salt lake in Western ...
 Planet Earth: Blue Planet II | Brine Pool | Coming to BBC America 2018BBC America
2 years ago
The brine pool, an almost mythical lake at the bottom of the sea — and a death-trap to any unfortunate creature that strays into its ...
 STRANGEST Things People Found In Their Backyard!Origins Explained
1 years ago
Check out the strangest things people found in their backyard! From unexplained discoveries to hidden treasures, here are the top ...
1 years ago
In this video, I am in Colombia fishing for HUGE CATFISH again, and while my bait is out the CRAZIEST FISH gets tangled in my ...
 Top 10 Most Unique Colored Lakes In The World || PastimersPastimers - World's Best & Worst
3 years ago
Color enchants us, entices us and fascinates us. We use colour to choose what we want to wear, what we want to eat and how we ...
 HIDDEN Tiny Pond!!!618 Fishing
1 years ago
I cannot believe i found this incredible fishing spot! Don't send me stuff!... but if you want to I'd really appreciate it! 618 Fishing P.O. ...
 7 People Who Got Stuck in Strange Places#Mind Warehouse
2 years ago
BRAIN TIME▻ Have you heard someone saying that if a cat can put its head in somewhere, it means the ...
 Eel Suffers Toxic Shock From Brine Pool | Blue Planet IIBBC Earth
2 years ago
This is an exclusive clip from the Deep episode of Blue Planet II. At the bottom of the ocean there are brine pools which have a ...
 9 Places You Should Never Swim (Never Ever!)BRIGHT SIDE
1 years ago
How to Stay Safe While Traveling. No matter how well you can swim or dive, there are places you should definitely avoid and ...
 Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice | National GeographicNational Geographic
2 years ago
This small lake outside Stockholm, Sweden, emits otherworldly sounds as Mårten Ajne skates over its precariously thin, black ice.
 Strange creature caught on camera on Lake MichiganTMJ4 News
2 years ago
Something strange and big is swimming near the Milwaukee banks of Lake Michigan.
 Weird lakes....ツK̶0̶S̶3̶R̶A̶ D̶A̶ S̶0̶L̶D̶1̶3̶ツ
1 years ago
DURecorder This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link: Android: ...
 Weird Places: The Endless Lightning at Lake MaracaiboSciShow
2 years ago
During peak thunderstorm season, Lake Maracaibo has an average of 28 lightning strikes per minute hit its surface. But why?
 Strangest Lakes In The World 2017 HDV-Talk
2 years ago
Support our team, buy our merchandise - Strangest Lakes In The World 2017 HD We ...
 Mysterious creature spotted in depths of Lake TahoeKCRA News
3 years ago
KCRA 3 explores the myths and reality of what's at the bottom of Lake Tahoe. Subscribe to KCRA on YouTube now for more: ...
 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually ExistBE AMAZED
1 years ago
Some scientifically impossible places still baffle us - whether we're the locals, or the scientists that go there just to study. Here are ...