The PAUSE Challenge! | TWIN vs TWINBrooklyn and Bailey
Today, you'll watch us go head-to-head in the #PauseChallenge! Brooklyn and I are both VERY competitive, so we were each ...
 10 SECOND ACRO CHALLENGE! Twin Vs Twin!The Rybka Twins
12 hours ago
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2 days ago
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! SEE US ON TOUR! Jersey City, NJ - June 22 Philadelphia, PA - June 23 Toronto, ON ...
 Twin Swap DRIVE THRU PrankStokes Twins
16 days ago
This week we decided to do the Twin Drive Thru Swap Challenge! We pranked drive thru workers by switching places with each ...
 The scariest day of my twins life..Lucas and Marcus
5 months ago
Sorry LUCAS SEE US ON TOUR! Jersey City, NJ - June 22 Philadelphia, PA - June 23 Toronto, ON - June ...
 Prisoner Drive Thru PrankStokes Twins
4 days ago
This week we decided to step things up and do a Prisoner Drive Thru Prank since you guys liked the last Drive Thru video so ...
 The FUNNIEST and CUTEST video you'll see today! - TWIN BABIES Adorable MomentsBabiezTV
1 years ago
Adroable twin babies compilation will make your positive day. SUBSCRIBE here: To make compilations we ...
3 months ago
Our 2nd Twin Telepathy Slime Challenge! Since we picked everything the exact same in our first twin telepathy slime challenge, ...
 What It's Like To Be A TwinStokes Twins
10 months ago
Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a twin? Well we tried explaining what that can be like.. Stalk us on Instagram: ...
 Surprising My Twin Brother With ARIANA GRANDE!Lucas and Marcus
28 days ago
HE WAS SO SURPRISED!! SEE US ON TOUR! Jersey City, NJ - June 22 Philadelphia, PA - June 23 Toronto, ...
1 years ago
 TWiN BOYS vs TWiN GiRLS Extreme YOGA CHALLENGEThe Rybka Twins
4 months ago
Hey guys whilst we were in LA recently we collaborated with the Stokes twins and filmed a fun Yoga Challenge :D We decided ...
 Cute Twins Baby Fighting Over - Funny Cute VideoFun and Fails
11 months ago
Cute Twins Baby Fighting Over - Funny Cute Video ▯Link video: Thanks for watching! Wait to see ...
 Formation of TwinsClaudia Chen
5 years ago
New Project 1.
 Conjoined Twin Sisters Attached At The Head | BORN DIFFERENTBarcroft TV
1 months ago
SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: CONJOINED twins, Neev and Nelly Kolestein, have been attached by the back of ...
 Twin Sisters Separated at Birth Reunite on 'GMA'Good Morning America
2 years ago
Two sisters, each adopted from China by different American families, meet in person for the first time. FAMILY CONTENT: ...
 Baby Confused By MOM and Identical TWIN sister 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️R & L Life
1 months ago
Baby Confused By MOM and Identical TWIN ♀️ ♀️ While My Identical Twin was still here we decided to have some fun ...
 Buying EVERYTHING My Twin Touches Blindfolded!Stokes Twins
8 days ago
This was NOT a good idea.. I bought EVERYTHING my twin touched blindfolded and I regret it. Last week's video: ...
 Twin vs Twin ChallengeStokes Twins
4 months ago
This week we decided to film a twin vs twin telepathy challenge with the rybka twins to see which set of twins was the better one!
1 years ago
TWINS YOU WON'T BELIEVE EXIST! So a lot of these twins share everything... do you share with your sister or brother? Leave a ...
 Funny Babies Confused by Twin Parents Compilationfunnyplox
1 years ago
Babies Reacting to Twins. Baby confused by twin parents. Babies react to twin parents. Babies confused by parents twin. Funny ...
 Identical Twins 2-Car DRIVE THRU ChallengeBrooklyn and Bailey
1 months ago
Today, we're taking on another #TwinSwap challenge! This time, Bailey and I will be going through the Drive Thru in 2 ...
7 days ago
Hi guys! OUR RAINBOW BABIES ARE HERE! The twins are 2 months old now, but better late than never right? as always, we ...
 Abigail & Brittany Hensel - The Twins Who Share a BodyDocumeaning
8 years ago
Although they are two completely separate people, these accomplished teens share a body and have just two arms and legs ...
 Twin Swap DRIVE THRU Challenge - Merrell Twinsmerrelltwins
a months ago
We did the twin swap drive thru prank! Do you think they will notice?? What other twin swap videos should we try next?
 Asking Strangers Which Twin They PreferStokes Twins
1 months ago
This week we decided to ask strangers at Vidcon which twin they prefer. WATCH last week's video: ...
 Can Lost Identical Twins Find Each Other?? | Dolan Twins Telepathy ChallengeBrooklyn and Bailey
22 days ago
As identical twins, we've believed since we were little that we can communicate with each other without speaking! We call it ...
 How My Twin Brother Almost DiedStokes Twins
6 months ago
What happened to Alex? So we tried our best to fully explain what exactly happened in the past few days at the hospital. I hope ...
 Identical Twins Switch Places | Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?Brooklyn and Bailey
3 months ago
In today's video, you'll watch us #SWITCHPLACES and try to trick our friends, including Bailey's boyfriend, Asa! Do you think they ...
 Identical Twins Swap Instagrams for a WEEK - Merrell Twinsmerrelltwins
2 days ago
We swapped instagrams for a week to see if anyone would notice... SUBSCRIBE ▷ BECOME A VIP ...
2 months ago
Peyton and Everleigh play a game of Twin telepathy to find out if they are truly real twin sisters! Watch Everleigh & Peyton Here  ...
 TWIN ` VERBOTEN ` prod. by HaleemManuellsen
11 months ago
Verboten • JETZT streamen: iTunes/ Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music ...
 Señorita Parody Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - WRONG TWIN - Merrell Twinsmerrelltwins
1 months ago
We did a parody to Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello. As identical twins people call us the WRONG TWIN all the time!
 Hidden Camera Captures Twins NaptimeKyler and Mad
3 months ago
We put a hidden camera in Taytum and Oakley's room to capture their naptime. This is so hilarious! Like our NEW Facebook ...
 Leo ~ Love that never fades! ~ Twin Flame Journey Sept 2019Consciousness Evolution Journey
14 hours ago
Decks & Decor Used Kissing Couple Sculpture - Heart Candle Holders - **All ...
10 months ago
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 Conjoined Twin Sisters Tell Their Story: ‘Being By Her … It’s So Calming' | Megyn Kelly TODAYTODAY
1 years ago
Emily and James Stark gave birth to conjoined twins Lexi and Sydney Stark on March 9, 2001. The family joins Megyn Kelly ...
3 months ago
Hi Beautiful! You guys have asked me so many times to give Eric a makeover and I have wanted to for so long but he's been to ...
 WHO is the BEST TWIN?!! twin vs twin challenge wins $$$The Ohana Adventure
2 months ago
Which set LOOKS like the BEST TWINS?! Which TWIN will win this CHALLENGE?!! Subscribe: Watch more: ...
 For Twin Flames-You did it DF, you passed the test! What's next?maid4luv
Divine Counterparts in Separation deck- $33.33 and they are shipped out from Connecticut. Contact me first if you're outside the ...
 Identical Twin Wears a WIG in Public to See if Her Twin Sister Notices!Brooklyn and Bailey
1 months ago
Today, I'll attempt to PRANK my identical #twin sister, Brooklyn! I wore a wig and hat around her in public just to see if she would ...
 Twin Telepathy BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING Challenge for School Supplies!Princess ToysReview
2 days ago
Twin Telepathy BACK TO SCHOOL Shopping Challenge for school supplies! Princess T and Princess Pham in a fun cute back to ...
 Twin Telepathy Test - Merrell Twinsmerrelltwins
1 years ago
In this video we test out our twin telepathy! Play along with us to see if you have telepathy! :) Subscribe & Turn on Notifications: ...
 COPS LOVE the Twin Turbo LS DEATHWISH HILUX 👮BustedKnuckleVideo
15 days ago
On Deathwish Episode 4 Josh Mazerolle is at it again. This time he is on his way home from a 4000 mile road trip in the ...
 BEST TWINS WIN $1000 Challenge w/ The Norris NutsThe Norris Nuts
1 months ago
WATCH ALL to be a Legend! - LAST TO STOP EATING Alphabetical FOOD LAST TO STOP ...
 Twins travel to Vietnam to meet their aunt! [The Return of Superman / 2017.06.25]KBS World TV
2 years ago
Subscribe KBS World Official YouTube: ------------------------------------------------ KBS World is a TV ...
2 years ago
Identical twins Ava and Alexis realize they look exactly the same, but have a fit when they realize one of them was born before the ...
 Twins For A Day / JustJordan33JustJordan33
1 years ago
Twins for a day. Jordan and Audrey spend the day as twins. Please Subscribe to be notified when I post another video.
 Identical TWINS Switch Places for 24 HOURS! Should I TRUST My Husband & Best Friend? Rebecca ZamoloRebecca Zamolo
2 months ago
Rebecca Zamolo and RZ Twin are identical twins that switch places for 24 hours to trick her husband Matt and best friend Daniel.
 When One Identical Twin Has A Sex Change | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey NetworkOWN
1 months ago
Growing up, Brenda and her identical twin sister, Bonnie were inseparable. Physically, they were identical, but unlike Brenda, ...
 The Hated Twin: A Sad Roblox MovieShanePlays
1 months ago
Thanks for watching The Hated Twin: A Sad Roblox Movie *CHECK OUT THE NEW SIMS MOVIE CHANNEL* ...
 These Twins Are Pro Tricksters (Twin Stories r/AskReddit)Reddit On Tap
2 days ago
New AskReddit Stories: Identical twins of Reddit: What's the greatest thing you've achieved by swapping places, without anyone ...
 Qwabe Twin | Solo Performance: Noba nguMama | Idols S15Entertainment Septum
8 days ago
One of the Qwabe twins; Viggy , gives a breath taking Solo performs "Noba nguMama" by Nathi... and leaving the audience ...
 Unmistakably twin sisters?Kenya CitizenTV
4 months ago
Nilipoona Sharon nilitetemeka na matumbo yangu yote…sikujua nani ni nani.” The twins' mother, Rosemary, on her first reaction ...